Working with the Board view in Project for the Web

Jul 13, 2023 | Project Hints and Tips

The board view in project for the web is a great place to look at your project plan with your tasks grouped in different ways.  This can help give you clarity on the jobs each person has to do, the priority of the tasks and so much more.

Navigate to the Board View

  1. From your Microsoft 365 Home screen click on the app launcher
  2. Click on Project (if this is not available then you may not be subscribed to Project for the Web – this app needs an extra subscription beyond the one required for Microsoft 365)
  3. Click on the project already created to open it
  4. Click on the Board Tab

The Board view is sometimes referred to as a Kanban board.


The default grouping in the Board view is Buckets.  These are customisable to enable the project to be grouped in any way you wish.  This could be departments working on the tasks, phases of the project, individual in charge of the task or anything else you think might be useful.

  1. Initially all the tasks are shown in Bucket 1.  Any completed tasks will be grouped together in a completed section within this.  This is the case with most of the other grouping options available. The existing buckets can be renamed by clicking on the ellipses at the top of the list and selecting Rename
Default buckets image

2. Extra buckets are created by clicking on the Add Bucket button and are given a new name at this point

3. You can click and drag to move tasks from one bucket to another depending on the grouping you require.  You can also drag tasks to and from the completed section.

The ellipses can also be used to delete the bucket or move the order left or right.  Be careful if you delete a bucket as all the tasks within this bucket will be deleted.  Beside the ellipses is a Color picker icon that allows the bucket to be colour coded.   Most of these options are not available in the other groupings.

Other Groupings

Other groupings have been pre-set to enable other sets of tasks to be quickly viewed together.

  1. Click on Group by Bucket
Group by image

2. Choose from the options below:

a. Assigned to – groups the tasks by the person they are assigned to.  Any tasks that have not been assigned to anyone appear in an unassigned group

b. Progress – groups the tasks by Not started, In progress and Completed

c. Finish Date – groups the tasks by those that are due to be finished by Tomorrow, This week, Next week or the Future

d. Labels – groups the tasks by customised labels that have been created

e. Priority – groups the tasks by Urgent, Important, Medium and Low priority

f. Sprint – groups the data into sprint categories to focus on quickly completing certain tasks to drive the project forward.  Initially all the tasks appear in backlog and Sprint groups are created with date ranges for them to be completed in

See below for an example of the Group by Assigned to option.

Group by assigned to image

NOTE: The board view is not available for the desktop version of Microsoft Project.



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