Working with basic questions in Microsoft Forms

May 5, 2022 | Microsoft 365 Hints and Tips

Microsoft Forms is a form creation app that is part of the Microsoft 365 suite. There are a total of 8 question types available to use. Here we explore 4 of the most popular ones. 

Most question types can have a picture added to the question if you want and a subtitle if a greater explanation of the question or answer is required. 

They also have the option of making the question required.  This stops the form filler from moving on to the next section until all required questions are completed.  Required questions show a red star beside them to indicate this. 

Text Questions 

Text questions allow for free typing of an answer which can be text, numbers or other symbols.  The answer can be up to 400 characters long.  There is an option of switching on long answer.  This does not allow more characters, but the answer box will grow as the text typed in lengthens.  This doesn’t happen if this option is switched off. 

There is the option of adding restrictions. This can restrict the answer to being a number and can be restricted further by making the number greater than or less than a number of your choice. 

Text question

Date Questions 

The answer to these must be a date and a date picker is provided to help with this. If typed in the date must be entered as dd/mm/yyyy format otherwise it will not be accepted. 

Date question

Choice Questions 

Choice questions provide multiple answers for you to choose from and depending how this is set up it could be restricted to only 1 answer or multiple answers being accepted. 

When a choice question is added 2 options are initially provided.  These can be added to if necessary and the text changed to reflect the question being asked.  If you want an option to choose if no other answer is correct there is the option of choosing other.  This provides a free flow text box to type in. 

The multiple answers slider can be switched on if the option of selecting multiple answers in required. 

There is also the option to Shuffle Answers.  This is handy if this is a quiz to test knowledge so if someone takes the test twice they cannot just remember the order the answers come in. 

If the list is long the choice of Drop Down may be a good one.  The full list of options to choose from then only appears when the drop-down arrow is clicked. 

Choice question

Rating Questions 

This is used to add a rating using either a star or number system. 

The number of levels can be adjusted as required and either the Star or Number option chosen. 

The option of label allows text to be added at the start and end of the rating options to show how it should be used.  For example, Poor could be at the beginning and Excellent at the end. 

Rating question

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