6 ways to create a Word Table

Jan 19, 2019 | Uncategorised, Word Hints and Tips

Image showing the different options when inserting a table into WordAll but 2 of these options are also available in PowerPoint.  Word tables can be of a standard layout or customised to a bespoke design.  They are used to store information or create forms.  All these options are available from the Table icon on the Insert tab.

Insert Table using Grid

Image of insert table gridHover of the grid until the required number of cells are selected.  A preview of the Word table being produced is displayed. Click to insert the table.  This is a quick and east option best for small, regularly spaced tables.

Insert Table

Image of Insert Table optionsChoose the number of columns and rows in the required table.  You can also choose how the table fits to the contents and the page size.  This is a perfect choice for any size of table with a standard setup.

Draw Table

Image of Draw Table optionChoosing this option changes the cursor into a pencil.  Drawing the outside border of the Word table first by clicking and dragging and then adding any internal lines works best.  This type of table lends itself to customised table layouts where the number of columns in a row is variable.

Convert Text to Table (not in PowerPoint)

Image of Convert Text to TableThe data is selected.  The number of rows is predetermined by the data but the columns can be typed.  You can also choose how the table fits to the contents and the page size and also what character will be used to determine the point where the data will be put into another column.  If there is no consistent character to align one column with the next then this will not produce the table you will be expecting.  This is great if you have already entered your information but need to change the format into a table.

Excel Spreadsheet

Image of Excel Table inserted into Word DocumentInserts an Excel spreadsheet into the Word document with full Excel functionality.  The ribbon changes to an Excel ribbon.  When you click back into the main Word document the table is displayed.  To reactivate the Excel table double click on the table.  This choice provides all the calculation and analytic capability of Excel but displays it within a Word Documents where it can sit around blocks of text.

Quick Tables (not in PowerPoint)

Image of quick table optionsEnables pre-created tables to be inserted.  Bespoke ones can be added to this list for tables that are used on a regular basis.  The Word table is created including any data and formatting.  From the Table icon and Quick Tables the option of Save Selection to Quick Tables Gallery can be chosen.  The table can be given a meaningful name and is stored in the general section of the tables for quick parts to be reused as required.  The original Quick Tables may be helpful but the ability to create a store your own is a really powerful time-saving tool.


Formatting and layout options are available on the Design and Layout tabs that appear when the table is selected.

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