Where has spell check gone?

Aug 6, 2020 | Word Hints and Tips

With Microsoft 365 constantly updating all its products it is no wonder that at times options that we have used for years just disappear.  One of these is spell check!!  But where has it gone!!  There is a new kid on the block with the Editor icon on the Review tab.

Image of Editor icon

So what does the Editor icon do?

It produces a summary pane where it looks for spelling and grammar errors but much more.  It will also check your document for clarity, conciseness, formality, punctuation conventions and vocabulary.  It then lists the total number of suggestions at the top of the Editor pane and breaks it down into the sections mentioned showing where the issues are.  Any that have a number next to them can then be clicked on to show the issue in more detail.

Image of Editor pane


But what if you don’t need all these things to be checked, or you don’t agree with some of the things that are showing as errors?  These can be changed.  The settings option at the bottom of the pane provides the option for greater control over what is included.

The editor pane will always show spelling errors but the Check Grammar and Refinements in the Editor pane checkbox can switch off all other errors from showing there.

If grammar and spelling are both required but not the refinements then the writing style can be changed from grammar and refinements to grammar only.

For further customisation of both the grammar and refinements a long list of options can be turned on and off from the writing style settings.

Image of Editor settings

So spelling and grammar has not disappeared, it has been replaced with a more sophisticated option to help you get the tone and content of the Word documents you create clearer and more consistent.

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