What is OneNote?

Feb 17, 2019 | One Note Hints and Tips

OneNote is an electronic notebook where each section has pages.  Unlike with a paper notebook, extra space can be easily added in the middle of the document if more detail needs to be added at this point.  This is tricky with paper and pen.  It allows for many types of information to be incorporated in the file many of which are mentioned below.

Image of OneNote screen

Adding Text

Notes can be added by clicking and typing anywhere on the file and can later be moved by dragging and dropping if required.  Bullet points and numbered lists can be used to find key information more easily.  Tables can also be used to show data more clearly.

Image of Text in OneNote





Using Tags

Tags are used to categorise types of information which helps to search for these in the future.  Types of tag include work-related topics like to do lists, ideas, telephone numbers and contact details but could also be more fun such as books to read, movies to see and music to listen to.

Image of tagged to do list in OneNote





Adding Tasks

Tasks can be added that synchronise with the task list in Outlook.  These can be flagged using the same flag levels too to help prioritise when they need to be completed.

Image of task in OneNote



Working with Meetings

Meeting details can be linked from Outlook Calendars so all information related to that meeting is stored together in OneNote.  This can include minutes of the meeting or handouts to be discussed.  Files can be embedded in the notes or a file attachment added. The meeting can be recorded in audio or video and stored along with all the other details.







Using Drawing Tools

Drawing tools are most useful if you are using a touch screen but can be used without.  Annotation can be added to a document by writing and this can be converted into searchable text.

Adding Multi-Media

Movies and pictures can be added when required and screen clipping allows for screenshots to also be included.

Image of mutimedia options available on the ribbon in OneNote

OneNote also has a mobile app so wherever you are you can add to your notes on the go.

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