What is Project for the Web?

Jun 1, 2023 | Microsoft 365 Hints and Tips, Project Hints and Tips

I recently ran a course on Project for the Web for a client who was unsure about what it could actually do so I wondered how many others are in the same position.  So here is a quick overview of how it can help you to plan your projects successfully.

Project for the Web is an online project planning tool that is more sophisticated than planner which comes as part of the Microsoft 365 subscription.  It however has less sophistication than the desktop version of Project or Project Online which are more suited to working with much larger and complicated projects, multiple projects or dealing with overallocated resources.

One of the key benefits of Project for the Web is however the varied visual representations of the project plan, many of which have customisable options to reflect the way that you may need to work with the data.  It has had some major updates over the last few months making it a much more viable option now for many.  Project for the Web has an additional monthly fee per user on top of the Microsoft 365 subscription to enable employees to use it.

How do I access Project for the Web?

Project for the Web is accessed from Microsoft 365.

  1. Click on the App Launcher
  2. Click on Project
How to open project for the web image

3. Either open an existing project or create a New Project

Project for the Web Views

Grid View

The grid view is a table where each row shows a task to be completed in the project.  There are a variety of built-in columns that can be added or customised ones can be created if required.  Many colour options are available to make the data quicker and easier to understand.

Grid view image

Board View

This view is often referred to as a Kanban board.  Each task is shown as a card.  The cards can be grouped in a variety of different ways such as progress, priority or who they are assigned to.  Card can be dragged from one column to another.  Alternatively customised buckets can be used to group by any other category that is useful to the project.

Board View image

Timeline View

Also referred to as the Gantt chart view.  This view shows a timeline of the project plan making it easy to see the flow of the project and when it will each task will start and finish in relation to another.

Timeline view image

Charts View

This view shows the overall progress of the project as a pie chart with column charts showing this progress related to each person and the customised buckets.

Charts View image

People View

As you can guess this view is all related to the people working on the project!  It shows the tasks they have been assigned with a summary of those that have yet to be completed or are running late.  This is great to use for individuals to see what they are responsible for.

People View image

Assignments View

The assignments view clearly shows the hours each resource is working each day.   This can be used to see when members of the project have gaps in their schedule or to even out points in time when they are overallocated and their daily hours go above 8.

Assignments View image

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