What is an All Day Event in Outlook?

Feb 17, 2022 | Outlook Hints and Tips

Many people get confused as to what an all day event actually means.  When creating an appointment or meeting in Microsoft Outlook there is a tick box available to set this up as an all day event. But what does this mean?  And how can it be used to best effect? 

What does All Day event mean? 

An All day event is designed for something that happens on a particular day but does not occur at a particular time on that day. Think of it more as an aide memoir that something that is happening. When this option is checked there is no option to complete a start and end time as these are irrelevant. 

All day events in Outlook

How does an All day event show on the calendar? 

Unlike normal meetings and appointments which show on the calendar at the time they occur an All day event shows at the top of that day and stays visible even if the time is scrolled.  On the month view it doesn’t look any different to a normal appointment or meeting. 

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Why would I use an All day event? 

Unlike normal appointments and meetings, all day events do not block the time out on the calendar. This means that someone in your company who is inviting you to a meeting would assume that you are free to attend. If you are wanting to say that you are busy all day it is important to enter a start and end time. 

All day events are often used as a reminder of things that are happening. For example, birthdays and anniversaries.  They can also be used for reminders for other regular business related tasks such as reconciling accounts on a monthly basis or performing 6 monthly maintenance on a bit of machinery. But this could be for something that is one off like preparation for a presentation that you are going to slot in on that day at some point. 

You may be thinking that some of these could be set up as tasks on a to do list instead. That is also fine.  What you use as a reminder will very much depend on how you work. The advantage of having this in the calendar is that everything is shown in one place. However, if you have a lot of things going on then the calendar can become very busy and it can become difficult to pick out key tasks easily.  

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