What are cover pages in Microsoft Word?

Nov 12, 2020 | Word Hints and Tips

So you have got this great document but you want it to really stand out with a funky front page.  This is where cover pages can be used.  There are 16 available directly from Microsoft Word which can be modified as required.  There are 3 more available at office.com or you can create your own and save for use on other Word documents in the future.

Using a pre-set cover page

From the Insert tab choose Cover page and one of the designs provided.  This will insert a new page at the start of the document and contains a mixture of text, graphics and photos depending on the design chosen.  This can then be modified as required.

Image of Cover page

Creating your own cover page

The default ones on offer are great but you will often need something more bespoke containing corporate branding.

The first step is to create a page in Microsoft Word containing all the required structure such as text, text boxes, shapes and pictures.  All of this is then selected.  From the insert tab and cover page the option of Save selection to cover page gallery is chosen.  The new cover page is given a name, gallery is by default set to cover page (this means it will be available from the cover page icon) and category of general (the cover pages can be divided into other sections if you have a lot of them).  A useful addition is a description to help people to choose the right cover page, particularly if there are several similar looking pages.

To use this new cover page the cover page will be shown in the list in a section called general.

Inserting a cover page

Although a cover page is designed to go at the beginning of the document, by right-clicking on the cover page to be applied there are also choices of adding it at the current position, start or end of the section or end of the document.  There is also the option to edit the properties that are setup, organise and delete which allows cover pages that are no longer required to be deleted and add gallery to quick access toolbar to add the icon to the quick access toolbar for speedy use.

Image of Right click cover page

With all of these options available there is now no excuse for not having a stand out start to your Microsoft Word documents or even a stand out page elsewhere.

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