Using the Timeline View in Project for the Web

Aug 10, 2023 | Project Hints and Tips

The timeline view in Project for the Web allows you to see a pictorial representation when each of the tasks will take place in a Gantt Chart view.  It enables you to see the flow of the project more effectively than the other views available.

Adding new tasks

New tasks are added by clicking in the Name box at the bottom of the task list

  1. Click in the Add new task box and give the task a suitable name
Add new task image

2. If you click on the ‘i’ that appears when you hover over a task name then extra information can be added such as start date, finish date and duration.

NOTE: Adding a start or finish date will add a time constraint to the task

Assigning a resource to a task

  1. Click on the Assign this task icon that appears next to the task when you hover over it
Assign resource image

2. Choose the person to assign from the list available.  Only those people set up as Group Members for this project will be available to use

3. Resources can be unassigned in the same way

Linking tasks

Task dependencies, or links, can force tasks to occur at particular times related to other tasks in the project.

  1. Drag from the circle at the end of one task to the circle at the beginning of another task
  2. This creates a Finish to Start link (FS)

Moving a task in the Timeline

One of the ways to move a task in timeline view is using drag and drop

  1. Click and drag the bar horizontally in the timeline
  2. Note that a start no earlier constraint will be set for the task to enable it to sit in this position on the timeline

Changing the Duration in the Timeline

Both the start and end dates can be changed in the timeline

  1. Hover over the task bar
  2. Click and drag on the vertical line that appears at the start or end of the bar
  3. Note that a constraint may be added when you do this


The timeline shows the tasks using a weekly view by default but for longer projects this may result in only part of the project timeline being visible.

  1. Drag the circle on the Zoom slider to adjust the zoom level
Zoom slider image

2. The least detail available is approximately 6 monthly intervals

Marking a task complete

  1. Click on the circle next to the task in the table
Task Complete image

2. The bar will change to a darker blue and a line will go through the task.  Both denote that a task has been completed

3. If the circle is clicked again then the task will be marked as unstarted

4. Performing the same action on a summary task will mark the whole summary section complete or incomplete


In a long project you may not always want to see all the tasks all of the time.  Filters can be switched on and off to show information such as specific finish dates, assigned to particular people or those with certain labels

  1. Click on the Filters button
Filters image

2. Choose the filter to assign

3. Multiple filters can be assigned to narrow down the search further

4. Clear All that appears at the top of the filter pane turns off all the filters in one go or each can be turned off separately repeating the step to switch it on



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