Using Polls in Teams Meetings

Feb 9, 2023 | Microsoft Teams Hints and Tips

Polls are a fantastic way to add interactivity into a meeting.  They can even be created in advanced and launched during the meeting for a smoother experience.

At the time of writing the Forms app and the Polls app work in the same way.  At some point in the future it has been reported that Forms will be retired.  Therefore this blog will refer to the Polls app only.

Quick Poll

A quick poll can be added on the fly in a meeting.

  1. In the meeting chat click on the ellipses at the bottom (Messaging Extensions)
Messaging extenstions

2. Choose Polls.  If Polls is not visible then select More Apps and search for the Polls app from there

3. A multiple-choice question box appears

Multi choice questions

4. Type in the question and the possible options.  More options can be added if required.  Multiple selections can be enabled too

5. The names of the respondents can be recorded and a summary of the aggregated results can be shared with the participants

6. Click Preview to see what the Poll looks like

Completed multi choice

7. If it looks good then Send, otherwise Edit

8. When a poll is sent it will show in a floating dialog box but also in the chat pane on the right along with the aggregated results if chosen

Meeting Chat

Setting up a poll in advance of a meeting

This can be done by adding the Poll app to the meeting and creating a draft version of the poll before the meeting starts then launching it at the appropriate time.

  1. Join the meeting before the meeting time
  2. To add the Polls app click on the Apps icon
Apps icon

3. Select Polls and Save

4. To set up a poll click on the new Polls icon on the toolbar

5. The Polls pane will appear on the right-hand side

6. Click on New Poll

New poll

7. Select the type of poll. The choices are multiple choice, quiz, word cloud, rating and ranking

Type of poll

8. Note that creating a poll this way allows multiple questions to be created

9. Set up the question(s) as required.  Below is an example of a rating question

Ranking question

10. Click on Names not recorded/Results shared/Private change the options to record the names of the respondents, share the results with the respondents and allow co-presenters to edit the poll while it’s a draft poll as required

11. Click on Save as Draft

12. The Poll created will be available from the Polls pane

13. Once all questions are set up the meeting organiser can now launch them at any time during the meeting

14. When you are ready to share the question with the other meeting attendees click Launch.  The Poll can be edited or deleted using the Launch icon drop down

Launch poll

15. A poll will have the heading Draft until it is launched then this changes to Live

16. The back to question button that now appears allows the creator to close poll to stop further answers, response details to see each individual response, export results as an Excel spreadsheet or Delete poll

Back to Question

NOTE: Polls can also be created in a similar way before the meeting starts by adding the Polls app from the actual calendar meeting and adding a new poll from here

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