Use Microsoft Delve for improved searching

Feb 25, 2021 | Microsoft 365 Hints and Tips

Microsoft Delve is one of the apps that are part of the Microsoft 365 suite. 

Delve enables you to search and organise your files more efficiently find information about all the people you work with from one central location.  It will only ever show you information you would already have access to so there is no worry about people seeing things they shouldn’t.  Only files stored in One Drive for Business or SharePoint (Microsoft Teams are stored in SharePoint) will be available in Delve. 

Image showing the Microsoft Delve Icon


The Me section of delve shows an overview of your personal profile, files you have recently worked on, email attachments and people you work with.  For the people you can see what they are working on as long as you have access to those files too.  This would enable a manager to be able to check what files their staff have recently been working on. 

Image showing Microsoft Delve Me Overview

Favourites and Boards 

To help you find files more quickly they can be added to favourites or boards. 


By click on the favourite icon at the bottom left of every file the file will also be accessible from the favourites section in the pane on the left.  Favourite boards can also be accessed from here too. 

Image to show Favourites Section on Microsoft Delve


A file can also be added to one or more boards. This allow for more control in subdividing up regularly used files that you want quick access to. 

1. Click on the delve icon at the bottom left of the file

2. Click Add to board and start typing a board name. If it has already been used then it will appear in the list otherwise keep typing

Image showing a file being added to a Board in Microsoft Delve

3. The Board icon on the file shows in blue to indicate it has been added to a board and the number of boards shows as a number beside it 

4. Boards that have been set up show in the pane on the left.  It may take a little time for a file to show up here 

5. To remove a file from a board click on the board symbol and remove the board no longer required 

As well as accessing boards form favourites a list of boards at are relevant to you are shown in the pane on the left. 

NOTE: Not all file types can be added to boards.  If the file time is not accepted then the board icon will not be available 


When you have chosen to see all the recent documents and email attachments there is an option to only show the documents or the attachments rather than showing them all together. 

There is also a filter icon at the top right that gives the option of only showing files of a particular type e.g. Excel, Word etc 

Image of Microsoft Delve Filter feature in use.

This is in addition to the search box at the top of the pane on the left where you can type in text and it will search documents, file attachments, people and boards unless you specify to only search for people or documents. 

Prevent documents showing up in Delve

The option for documents showing can be switched off.  This does not stop them be viewed from Microsoft 365 in general, it just stops them showing up in delve. 

  • Access the settings using the cog icon at the top right 
  • Select feature settings 
  • Turn delve off 
Image showing the Microsoft Delve Settings

So, if you haven’t used it before give Delve a go and see if it’s layout and functionality helps you to delve into your information more efficiently. 

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