Use Design Ideas to create mind blowing slides

Apr 9, 2020 | PowerPoint Hints and Tips

Have you come across Design ideas in Microsoft PowerPoint?  It is a new innovative option that can help you change a basic presentation into something far more interesting with minimal effort.

It is so easy to create presentations where all the slides look very similar because they are so much quicker to create but this does not inspire the audience,  The whole idea of using PowerPoint is to keep your audience focussed on what you are saying which means your slides need to be engaging but not distracting.

Using Design ideas

To use design ideas you can click on the slide you want to change then choose design ideas from the design tab.  The slide design and the theme selected will determine what suggestions come up.

Some slides will in fact not produce any ideas at all, for example if there are too many bullet points.

Once Design ideas is switched on it will continue to give you ideas for whichever slide you are clicked on.

Below is an example of a basic bulleted slide and a selection of suggestions that are produced.

And here is one for title slides.

If the slide has minimal content a suggestion of adding extra placeholders to the slide may be suggested.  The example below is for a slide with a table with only a few rows and columns.  The bottom 2 options have added extra placeholders to add text, tables, charts, pictures, movies or SmartArt graphics to fill the space available.

So there are no excuses now for those dull, boring repetitive slide shows of the past.  Add some zing to your presentations with Design ideas!!  Let’s get PowerPointing!!

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