Update to Screen Sharing in Microsoft Teams

Jul 29, 2021 | Microsoft Teams Hints and Tips

Screen sharing has been available in teams meetings for a long time now but has recently been revamped with some extra cool features that can make sharing information with others an even more seamless experience. 

Starting Screen Sharing 

To start screen sharing click on the screen share icon then select what you want to share. 

Start screen sharing in Microsoft Teams

Include Computer Sound 

If you have seen a presentation where a video is played and no sound has been heard then this is the option that has not been switched on.  Most of the sound heard in teams comes from a microphone, whether that is internal or external.  But the sound from a video or sound clip comes from the computers audio which is different.  The person presenting may be oblivious to this issue because they will be able to hear their computer sound directly. 

Include computer sound

Presenter Mode 

There are now 2 options in the presenter mode which are content only and standout.  Content only does exactly what it says while standout shows an image of the presenter in the bottom right corner of the screen.  The background behind the presenter is removed automatically for this option.  Be aware that your image may obliterate important parts of the screen or information on the slides so this may need to be adjusted accordingly. 

Presenter mode

These modes are used in conjunction with Screen, Window, Microsoft Whiteboard or PowerPoint Live described below. 


Use this option if you want to share the whole screen whatever application you go to.  So navigating between Excel, Word, Outlook or more would still be presented.  If you have 2 or more monitors you can choose which of these is to be shared.  Windows can be dragged from one to another if required. 



When window is clicked a list of all open windows is provided and you choose the single one you want to share.  If you navigate away from this window the meeting attendees will still only see the initial window you chose.  To share a different application you need to stop sharing and then restart sharing the new window. 


Microsoft Whiteboard 

This allows a virtual whiteboard to be shared. 

PowerPoint Live 

This runs the PowerPoint Slide show straight away.  As the presenter it defaults to presenter mode where you can see notes, slides and audience while you present.  The audience will only see the slides.  This makes it far easier for the presenter to see what is coming up next in the presentation or jump to different slides if required. 

PowerPoint Live

There is also the option to annotate the slides during the presentation or switch to a grid view where thumbnails of all the slides are viewed.  The presenter view can be hidden if you prefer so you see what the meeting attendees view.  High contract can be set and the slide content on the slides can be translated too if this is useful. 

Red border 

The red border you see when presenting shows what is being seen by the meeting attendees.  So if you are looking at something but there is no red border then the attendees will not be seeing it. 

Stop sharing 

Use the stop sharing icon to stop sharing. 

Stop sharing

Sharing bar 

The sharing bar appears at the top of the screen when you move your cursor to this position.  The presenter mode and computer sound options are also available from here as is the option of giving control to someone else and stopping presenting.

Sharing bar

Microsoft are constantly updating their Microsoft 365 offering of which Microsoft Teams is just one of the available apps and Microsoft Teams meetings has had some of the most changes.  So keep checking if there are any new features that you may have missed.  There have been some great additions and I’m sure there are plenty more to come. 

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