Top 5 Word Time Savers

Feb 10, 2022 | Word Hints and Tips

Anything you can do to work more quickly is going to be of great benefit. Here are my top 5 time savers that I use in Microsoft Word. 


This has got to be my favourite option in Microsoft Word and I use it all the time.  By using preset formatting, for key types of information such as headings, documents become much faster and easier to create as well as a raft of other benefits.  They can be customised if required but here we will just look at using preset ones. 

  1. Select the text to be formatted 
  2. Go to the Home tab 
  3. Choose a style from the styles list 
Styles list

If you want to apply a heading style the following shortcut can make it even quicker.  The number would be 1 for heading style 1, 2 for heading style 2 etc. 

CTRL + ALT + number – Applies that level of heading style 

Change Case 

How many times do you catch the caps lock key and find that everything you are typing is in the wrong case.  I know I sometimes do and when it happened it can be really frustrating!  There is no need to retype it all though. 

  1. Select the text you need to change case 
  2. Click on the change case icon and choose from Sentence, upper, lower, capitalise each word or toggle case 
Change Case icon

If you want an even quicker option then the shortcut SHIFT + F3 toggles between the first 3 of these 


This works across all the Microsoft packages but is a game change due to the number of times I want to save every day. 

CTRL + S – Save file 

Alternatively, if you need to save a copy of the file or save it as a different file type there is a shortcut for that too. 

F12 – Save as 

Select a Word 

Again this works across most Microsoft Products but I use it more in Word than anywhere else. 

Double click on a word to select it 

This then makes it quicker to delete or overtype with something else. 

Remove paragraph Formatting 

If I inherit a file which has random formatting applied I find it is sometimes easier to remove all the paragraph formatting and start again.  I normally find it is easier to see what has been applied for text formatting such as colours, bold, size and font type so don’t want to remove that too.  This shortcut removes customised tab settings, numbering and bullets, line and paragraph formatting and more while keeping the font formatting as it is. 

CTRL + Q – Removes Paragraph Formatting 

These great little tips are life changers for me. 

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