Top 5 Powerpoint Time Savers

Mar 31, 2022 | PowerPoint Hints and Tips

Most of these options I have chosen not only save time but also help improve consistency in the PowerPoint Presentation. I love double wins!! Here are my top 5 options. 

Slide Master 

You sometimes need to invest time to save time and this is one of those.  By setting up all your default layouts for your presentation creating each new slide becomes a much speedier process.  Font formatting can be applied, bullet points set up, logos added and more.  This is the first thing I do when I am creating a slide show unless I am provided with a company template to use. 

  1. Go to the View Tab 
  2. Select Slide Master 
Slide Master Icon

The details of these will not be covered here.

SmartArt Graphics 

Creating fancy graphics used to take an age but now SmartArt provides a large range of diagrams that can be amended as required.  Not only is this quicker but it also means that the shapes in the diagram will automatically be the same size and lined up.  I absolutely love these!  They are available in Word and Excel too but PowerPoint is where I normally use these. 

  1. Go to the Insert Tab 
  2. Select SmartArt 
  3. Choose the diagram layout from those provided 
SmartArt Graphics

4. Add text and amend as required 

Duplicate Slide 

When I have created a slide and then want something similar the quickest way is to duplicate an existing slide. 

  1. Select the slide 
  2. CTRL + D – Duplicate the slide 

Reuse Slide 

If I have created a slide in one presentation and want to use it again in another then you can easily reuse it. 

  1. Go to the Home tab 
  2. Click on Reuse Slides 
Reuse slides

3. In the Reuse Slides pane on the right of the screen browse for the PowerPoint file containing the slide you want to reuse 

4. Tick or untick the Source Formatting box depending on whether you need to keep the original formatting on apply the layout associated with the new slide master 

5. Click on Insert Slide to add the Slide to the new presentation 

Convert to SmartArt 

Something I often do when I am creating a presentation is get the content in first.  Bullet points are a really easy way to get your key points on a slide down but are not always the most interesting way to visualise the information.  SmartArt that I mentioned earlier is fabulous for this sort of thing and I can easily convert my bullet points without having to start from scratch. 

  1. Select the bulleted list in the slide 
  2. Click on Convert to SmartArt 
Converrt to SmartArt icon

3. Choose a design from the ones give which work really well with bullet lists or click on More SmartArt Graphics for more choices. 

Here’s to having lovely consistent slides with minimal effort! 

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