Top 5 PowerPoint Hints and Tips

Jul 20, 2023 | PowerPoint Hints and Tips

Microsoft PowerPoint is a fabulous presentation tool but you can spend hours just getting it to look as you want.  Here are my top 5 hints and tips to help produce fantastic slides in no time at all!!

Reset Layout

When you have been provided with a slide where the formatting a layout are all over the place then resetting the layout may solve all your problems.  This will only work if the slide has been built using the placeholders on the slide and not using random text boxes and manually added charts, table etc.

  1. From the Home tab select the Reset icon
Reset icon image

Designer Pane

If you have created a slide and think the design could be improved then this is the tool for you.  The basic structure of the slide is used as a guide to produce options that are often much more engaging.

  1. If the Designer pane is not currently visible then click on the Designer icon on the Home tab
Designer icon image

2. Choose from one of the options displayed in the designer pane that appears or See more design ideas at the bottom of the pane for more options

Designer pane image

3. The design ideas will change as you add content to the slide or change the type of content being shown


In a long presentation with lots of slides it can be tricky to navigate easily.  Sections help this issue.  It can work particularly well if there are a number of different presenters where each presenter could have their own section of slides or sections could be used for different topics being discussed.  Sections can also be used to easily print out one part of the slide show.

  1. To add a section click on a slide in the navigation pane on the left
  2. From the Home tab select Section and Add section
Section Icon image

3. A section will be added above the slide selected and another section will be added at the start of the slide show

4. You will be asked for a Section name for the new section created and the section at the start of the slide show will be called Default section

5. A section can be renamed at any time by selecting the slide below the section heading in the navigation pane and selecting Section and Rename section

6. Sections can be removed by clicking on the Section heading and selecting Section then Remove Section.  This does not remove the slides within the section.  Alternatively all sections can be removed by clicking on Section and Remove all sections

7. Sections can be expanded or collapsed by clicking on the arrow or triangle to the left of the section header in the navigation pane

NOTE: Drag a section header to a slide to add a quick link to that section

Convert Bullets to SmartArt

Bulleted slides are quick and easy to produce but not always hugely inspiring but converting them into SmartArt graphics can help to add that wow factor!

  1. Select the bulleted list already created
  2. Click on the Convert to SmartArt icon on the Home tab
Convert to SmartArt icon image

3. Choose a layout from those suggested or click on More SmartArt choices to see more options

Reuse Slides

If you have produced the perfect slide in one presentation there is no reason why you can’t reuse it again

  1. On the Home tab select Reuse slides
Reuse slides icon image

2. Select from a recently used file from the pane on the right or Browse for more

3. Leave Use source formatting ticked to retain the formatting from the original slide or untick to apply the formatting set up for that slide type on the slide master in the current presentation

reuse slides pane image

4. Click on each slide to be added or use Insert All to insert all the slides at once.



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