Top 4 Email Search Options

Nov 7, 2019 | Outlook Hints and Tips

Do you find you keep losing emails and can never find them again?  Here are my top 4 tips on how to perform an Email search effectively in Microsoft Outlook.

Basic Search

By clicking in the search bar at the top of the email list you can type what you need to look for whether it is a person, email subject line or text within the message but did you know that you can choose what is searched.  At the end of the search bar there are the options of current folder, subfolders, current mailbox, all mailboxes and all items.  The more restricted the option you choose the faster the search will be and the less likely you will come up with messages that you are not looking for.

Image of the search bar

Search tab

When you are clicked in the search bar a search tab appears on the ribbon.  This gives options that restrict the search to the following

  • From – emails from a particular person
  • Subject – containing certain text in the subject line
  • Has attachments – has file attachments of any type
  • Categorised – has a specific category assigned
  • This week – not just this week but also, today, yesterday, last week and more
  • Sent to – emails sent to a particular person
  • Unread
  • Flagged – flagged for follow up
  • Important
  • More – several other useful fields including the ones already mentioned
Image of the search tab

Recent searches

Another option on the search tab that lists the last 10 searches performed.  If the same searches are used regularly this is the quickest way to rerun them.

Advanced find

Accessed under search tools this gives the opportunity to search by any field available if a more unusual search makes it easier to find your message. The more choices and Advanced tabs give more choices than the messages tab alone.

Image of advanced find

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