Top 3 Problems people have with Microsoft Teams Meetings

Dec 15, 2022 | Microsoft Teams Hints and Tips

Microsoft teams is a great tool for online meetings but every now and then you come across and problem and don’t know how to solve it.  Here are the top 3 issues that people have related to online Teams meetings and some things to try to solve the problems.

My meeting email disappears

You get sent a meeting invite which includes a link to the Teams meeting.  It is good practice to reply to the meeting using the Accept, Tentative or Decline buttons that sit at the top of the meeting invite to let the organiser know if you can attend.  The only problem is that when you reply the email disappears, so how do you get into the meeting?

If the meeting is accepted the original meeting invite goes into your deleted items and all the details are transferred to a meeting in the calendar.  The original email is viewed as being unnecessary which is why it disappears.  The easiest way to access the meeting is to click on the link in the Teams Meeting in the calendar.

A similar thing happens if the reply is Tentative.

If the meeting is declined the email moves to deleted items but no meeting is added to the calendar.  The only place to now access the original meeting request is finding it in the deleted items folder.

My sound isn’t working

How annoying!!  You get into the meeting and no one can hear you!!  Communication using the meeting chat is a last resort but is far from ideal, so what other options do you have to resolve the problem?

Sometimes Microsoft Teams misinterprets what microphone or speaker you are using.

  1. Click on the More icon
  2. Select Device settings
  3. Adjust the speaker and/or microphone that is being used for the call
Device settings image

If this doesn’t resolve the problem try leaving the meeting and rejoining.  It may sound like a cop out but the familiar turn it off then turn it back on again solution often works.

If your microphone is connected to a headset then check you haven’t swung it on top of your head!!  I’ve seen this happen many, many times!!

The troubleshooting gets harder from this point.  It might be a faulty headset or socket so try unplugging it completely to make use of computer/laptop microphone and speaker (if they have them) or plugging it into a different headset socket if you have one.  A last resort would be restarting the machine.

When I share no one can see what I can

When you share it is important to use the right sharing option for what you are doing.  The main confusion is between the options of Screen and Window.  You click on the Share icon to see the following options.

Share image


If you have 2 or more screens you will need to select which one you wish to share.  Anything you share must now be dragged onto this screen if it is not already there.  This shares anything that you look at.

For example, if you switch from Excel to Word both of these will be visible to the meeting attendees.  Also all dialog boxes accessed will also be seen.


When you try and share there will be a list of all the windows you currently have open and you can share any one of these.

For example, if you shared an Excel screen then things you do in Excel will be viewed by the others in the meeting but if you switched to Word the other meeting attendees would still be looking at Excel.  If you use this method some of the dialog boxes also don’t show to participants.

NOTE:  Keep an eye out for the Red Border.  This shows the information that will be viewed by all the other meeting attendees.

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