Top 3 New settings in Teams and more

Apr 11, 2024 | Microsoft Teams Hints and Tips

Yet more updates to Microsoft Teams to make it even easier, better and more flexible to use.  Here we will look at changing the chat density, enabling spell check, changing notifications, changing the tenant quickly and adding the people app.

Change the Chat Density

The chat density can be altered to compact density so more chats can be viewed on the screen.

1. From the ellipses at the top right of Teams select Settings.

Teams settings image

2. Choose Appearance and Accessibility.

3. Select from a Comfy or Compact density and whether message previews show.  Comfy is the default.

Chat density image

Enable Spell Check

This feature has taken a long time to be added to teams but is very important.

  1. From the ellipses at the top right of teams select Settings.
  2. Choose General.
  3. Tick the Enable spell check tick box.
Enable spell check image

NOTE: Teams will need to be restarted to enable this feature.

Change Notifications

Too many notifications can cause stress and anxiety as well as taking up a lot of time to read them so getting the right balance of notifications on the topics that are vital to you is really important. 

1. From the ellipses at the top right of teams select Settings.

2. Choose Notifications and activity.

Notifications and Activity image

3. Choose from a wide range of notification options related to General notifications or those specifically related to Chat and Channels or Meetings.

NOTE:  It is important to manage these notifications effectively for you.  Too many and you will be overwhelmed or not enough then something really important may be missed.

Change the Tenant quickly

Depending on your job role and how the business operates you may need to flip between multiple tenants on a regular basis.  This is most likely to occur if you are working with another company and they need to give you full access to their teams sites.

Until recently switching tenants was very clunky, having to log out of one to log into another so this new feature has been really well received.

1. Click on your profile picture/initials at the top right of the screen.

2. Click on Add another account.

Change tenant image

3. A list of recently used accounts will appear that you can choose from or use another account if it is not listed.

4. You can now flip between added accounts from this list.

5. To remove an account just Sign out.

NOTE:  Notifications of activity in your other accounts show up on the top right of the screen which ensures vital information is not missed.

Add the People App

Many apps can be added to the pane on the left to quickly access key information directly from teams.  One of the new options is People.

1. Click on the ellipses on the pane on the left.

2. Click in Search for apps and type People.

3. Select People to add the App.

People App image

4. This is now available temporarily and will disappear from the pane when something else is viewed.  If you want to use it regularly then right click on the People app in the pane on the left and Pin.

The People App shows contact information about people such as email address, telephone number and company.  Although this is a personal directory people from the company directory can be found and added here too.

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