Top 11 Windows Shortcuts

Mar 3, 2022 | Windows 10 Hints and Tips

It’s been a while since I produced a keyboard shortcut blog but these keyboard shortcuts and other great tips are going to save you stacks of time.  Most of these will work whether you are using Windows 10 or Windows 11 but a few are only available in Windows 11. 

Windows Key

The windows key sits at the bottom of the keyboard just to the left of the spacebar.  An image of it is shown below. 

Windows Key

Keyboard Shortcuts 

1. Windows key + W – Opens the Widgets Pane 

The widgets pane in new in Windows 11 and you can add and remove widgets such as weather, traffic and news to have this information at your fingertips 

2. Windows key + A – Opens Quick Settings 

From here options such as wifi, Bluetooth, Flight Mode, Alarms and Sound level can be adjusted 

3. Windows key + N – Notifications Pane 

This shows key information from Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Security 

4. Windows Key + Z – Snap Layouts 

This is another new feature in Windows 11 and provides 4 options to choose from.  Any currently open window can be added to that part of the layout so multiple windows can quickly be arranged to be viewed at the same time. 

5. Windows + ; – Opens Emoji Picker 

This is brilliant for adding emojis in any application from Outlook to Word and beyond!! 

6. Windows + E – Opens File Explorer 

Useful if you need to move files, open files or restructure their layout 

7. Windows + P – Determines how a second screen is displayed 

This is brilliant if you are working with multiple screens for your own use or if you need to duplicate to a second screen if you are running a presentation with a second screen 

8. Windows + L – Lock Screen 

A quick way to lock the screen if you are away from your desk 

9. Windows + X – Windows settings 

Provides a list of the Sections available in the Windows Settings options.  There are a huge range of options that can be altered from here 

10. Windows + C – Opens Teams Chat 

This will only be available in Windows 11 and is a quick way to communicate with your colleagues 

11. Windows + M – Minimise Window 

Minimises the window so windows or the desktop behind it can be seen. 

12. CTRL + SHIFT + ESC – Opens Task Manager 

This allows you to see what applications are using the memory and the applications can be closed if they are hanging or will not close any other way. 

Pick out your favourites and get shortcutting!! 

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