Top 10 Microsoft Teams New Features

Jun 11, 2020 | Microsoft 365 Hints and Tips

More and more people have been partaking in online meetings over the last couple of months whether that be using Microsoft Teams, Zoom, google hangouts or other software.

Microsoft Teams was set up as a business collaboration tool but with larger meetings now being run online, with many external participants Microsoft have rolled out a wide range of new features more quickly than would otherwise have happened.  Check out these Microsoft Teams new features here.

1. Raise hand

In a large meeting it is easy to overlook people who want to contribute to the meeting.  Typing in the comments or physically raising your hand and hoping someone noticed used to be the only ways to make others aware you had something to say  without unmuting (which can become a free for all with many participants).  There is now the option to raise a virtual hand to bring attention to the meeting organiser is available from the meeting control toolbar.

2. Download attendance list

The meeting organiser often needs to know who has been at the meeting and whether they have attended for the full duration.  This information could always be viewed by looking at the chat window but can now be downloaded into Microsoft Excel.  This is available from the top of the Show Participants pane.

3. Background effects

It has been possible to blur the background for several months but there is now the option to replace the background with a picture.  Currently this is restricted to a preset list of options (unless you know where this is stored and then you can add your own).  This is due to have an option to easily add your own images soon.  It is accessed from the more options on the meeting control toolbar.

4. Number of meeting participants viewed on screen

The maximum number of meeting participants that can be viewed at any one time has now increased from 4 to 9.

5. Always let callers bypass lobby

This allows callers to automatically join the next meeting without having to wait in the lobby.  This avoids someone having to stop the meeting to let people in.  It is changed from meeting options when the meeting is first being set up.

6. Announce when callers join or leave a meeting

Know exactly who is in your meeting at any time by switching this option on if required.  This is also changed from the meeting options.

7. End the meeting for everyone

End meeting is different to hang up.  Hang up takes you out of the meeting.  End meeting ends the meeting for everyone.  It is accessed from the more options on the floating meeting control toolbar.


And there’s more!!  Still to come……

8. Multi window support

This is where teams will automatically create a new window every time someone joins a new meeting.

9. New location for meeting controls

Meeting controls will move to the top of the screen so they don’t block underlying content.

10.Pop out meeting chat

This will enable meeting chat to be viewed in its own pop out meeting window.

As you can see there are a lot of different Microsoft Teams new features that are now available to help make the most of the software.  Why not have a look and see which ones are useful to you.

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