The Loop App

Jul 27, 2023 | Microsoft 365 Hints and Tips

The Loop App is in Public Preview at the time of writing.  If you have not come across Loop before it enables you to create and update information in a mix of places and everywhere it is used updates automatically.  This makes it a great way to allow individuals to access the information in their preferred location without multiple versions being created.  The loop App enhances this by providing a centralised location to view and work with all the Loops together.

How to access the Loop App

The loop app is accessed from  If you do not have it available then your IT department or administrator will need to enable it for you.  This link will provide all the details to complete that process.

Getting Started

When you first get into the Loop app you will be provided with a Getting Started Workspace.  This provides invaluable information about how to get started and well worth checking out.  You initially land in the Workspace section of the app.  This enables you to separate your loops into separate groups making them easier to find again.

To return to this screen at any time click on the Loop button at the top left of the screen.

Loop app icon image

Create a Workspace

  1. From the Workspaces screen click on the ‘+’ button
  2. Type a name for the workspace
Create new workspace image

3. You can even add an emoji to the title

4. Change the cover image by hovering over the existing image and click on Update Cover and choose from the options provided.  Then click on Update

5. Click on Create

Working with Pages

Adding new members

  1. Add other members to the workspace by clicking Workspace members in the left hand pane
  2. Type their email address and click on Invite
Invite new member image

They will then see the workspace when they access their loop app.  An untitled page is created for us to get started.  You can work with this or use an existing template to inspire you.  Sub pages can also be created within these pages to create a useful hierarchy for your information.

Working with templates

This is the easiest way to get started.

  1. Choose a template from the ones on offer or click Explore other templates to see more
  2. A pre created document is produced
Project planning template image

3. Click Clear content to keep the structure but clear the specific information

4. Start adding your own information

5. All the members will be able to access this and amend it

6. You can @mention members to notify them of tasks they need to complete or look at.  If you @mention someone who does not have access you can automatically share and notify them

7. To share this page in another location click on Share then Page link

Share page link image

8. Click on Copy then Paste this in the other location.  This has a clickable link to allow you to make alterations

9. If you want an individual part of the document to be set as a loop component then click on the 6 dots at the top left of the component.  Click on Create Loop component

10. Tables can be edited to add or delete rows or columns

Share part of a page

  1. Click on the 6 dots at the top left of the table, list etc
  2. Click on Create Loop component
  3. Click on Copy component to create a link that can be pasted elsewhere so the component can be edited directly from another location

Comments and reactions

These can be added wherever the speech bubble symbol appears


Ideas is used to capture ideas before you share with others.

  1. A page is created in a similar way to that already described
  2. When you are ready to share with others click on the Shared location icon
Shared location icon image

3. Click Add to workspace to chose where this can be accessed



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