Jul 21, 2022 | Excel Hints and Tips

The TEXTJOIN function in available in Microsoft Excel and is used to join the information in multiple cells together with each entry separated by a character (delimiter) of your choice. 

Using this function is much simpler than having to concatenate multiple cells and characters together which was one of the alternative options for many years.  Microsoft is continually adding to the functions available in Excel providing new, simpler ways of performing existing tasks.  If TEXTJOIN is not available it will be due to the version of Excel you are using not supporting this function. 


The structure of the function is shown below. 

=TEXTJOIN(delimiter, ignore_empty, text1, [text2], ………) 

Delimiter – The character, or characters, that will be used to separate the data.  It is either enclosed in quotes or a cell reference that contains the delimiter 

Ignore_empty – If TRUE then empty cells are ignored 

Text1 – The cells containing the text items to be joined 

Text2 – This is optional and can be used if a second range of cells need to be joined to the first.  Up to 252 ranges can be added by using Text3 etc 


Textjoin example

In the example above the TEXTJOIN function used is: 

 =TEXTJOIN(“, “,TRUE,A2:A5) 

This puts a comma and a space between each of the items in cells A2 to A5 and ignores any blank cells producing the result shown below. 

Textjoin result

How to discover if a function may have compatibility issues 

The compatibility checker can be used to check if there are any features (including functions) in a workbook that might not be available in earlier versions. 

  1. Click on the File tab 
  2. Click on Info 
  3. Choose Check for issues and Check Compatibility 
  4. A list of compatibility issues will be shown.  If functions are not available in earlier versions then the cells containing the functions will show #Name? 

NOTE: If you know what version of Excel is being used the compatibility can be restricted to that version by clicking on Select versions to show and ensuring that only the correct version is ticked. 

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