Teams Meetings Toolbar has a Redesign

Mar 9, 2023 | Microsoft Teams Hints and Tips

Microsoft Teams Meetings has had many features added over the last few years but recently a redesign of the toolbar landed.  Several of the options that were tucked away have now been moved so they are more accessible and the long “more” menu has sub menus making things easier to find.  Yet more time saving changes from Microsoft.  So, what has changed?

Raise and React icons

This used to sit under one icon but has now been separated making it quicker and easier to raise your hand to ask a question or respond to the meeting with like, love, clap, laugh or surprised reactions.

Raise and React icons image

View icon

The different views available used to be tucked away under the More option but now has an icon all of its own.  It contains the following options:

  • Gallery – the default view and shows up to 9 people in a 3 by 3 grid
  • Large Gallery – shows up to 49 attendees in a 7 by 7 grid
  • Together Mode – shows people in a lecture theatre setting.  There are other settings that can be used if preferred
  • Focus on Content – focuses on the content removing the individuals from the view
  • Gallery at Top – moves the gallery to the top
  • Full screen – removes extra icons enabling more screen to allocated to show the content and attendees

view icon image

More icon

The More option now has sub menus avoiding the long list of options there before. The following sub menus now exist alongside Meeting Info, Meeting Notes, Background Effect and Notes

  • Record and Transcribe – contains the start recording and start transcription options
  • Language and Speech – allows Turn on live captions and Turn on Speaker Coach
  • Settings – Contains Device Settings, Call health, Meeting Options, Accessibility, Don’t Show Chat Bubbles, Mute Notifications and Turn Off Incoming Video.
More icon image

Other icons

The following icons remain on the Teams Meeting toolbar as before

  • Chat – chat with others in the meeting
  • People – see who is in the meeting and change their individual settings
  • Rooms – split people into separate mini meetings using breakout rooms
  • Apps – add extra apps to be used in the meeting such as Polls
  • Camera – Turn your camera feed on and off
  • Mic – Turn your microphone on and off
  • Share – Share your screen with the other meeting attendees
  • Leave – Leave the meeting

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