Status Messages in Microsoft Teams

Apr 13, 2023 | Microsoft Teams Hints and Tips

Setting a status helps others you are working with to know whether you are available or not and therefore how quickly you are likely to be able to answer any messages that are sent.  A status message can be used in addition to provide more information and, if required, to tag in someone else.

Setting your status manually

  1. Open Microsoft Teams
  2. Click on your login picture or login initials at the top right of the screen
  3. Click on the Status (this will show the status as it is currently set so could be any of the options shown below)
Status image

4. Select from the following options

a. Available – you are available to answer messages or see information posted

b. Busy – normally used when you are in a meeting

c. Do not disturb – normally used if you want to focus on a piece of work for a period of time

d. Be right back – you are temporarily away from your system

e. Appear away – you look like you are away so that you can concentrate on something without being disturbed

Status options image

5. The duration of this status can be set using the duration option.  The option can be chosen from some presets or customised to any duration you require

6. Reset Status to override this setting.  This is particularly useful if a meeting has finished earlier than expected

Setting your status automatically

If you are attending a meeting your status will automatically be set to Busy or if your computer is idle for a while it wills set to away

Setting a Status Message

If a status message is set then this message will be sent to anyone who sends you a message or @mentions you.

  1. Open Microsoft Teams
  2. Click on your login picture or login initials at the top right of the screen
  3. Click on Set Status message
Set status message image

4. Type a message in the box.  You can @mention someone to bring their attention to this having been sent.  This could be used to give an option of someone to contact instead if you are unavailable

5. To turn this option on tick the Show when people message me box

6. Choose when to clear the message.  There are some preset options or select customised to set your own

7. Click Done

NOTE: There is also the option to Schedule Out of office which also syncs to your Outlook calendar


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