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Mar 18, 2021 | General

Why I think a website on Squarespace is a good option

Following on from my series of guest blogs the lovely Lucinda will enlighten you on Squarespace websites.

I always think it’s important to be aware of what other tech is out there as a technical trainer.  While it may not have the functionality of a WordPress site it may have everything you need.  I always think it is important to know what options are available to make the right informed choice and for small businesses this might prove to be the perfect fit. 

Over to Lucinda to tell you more!!

Hi, I’m Lucinda from Cornerstone pa services and I have a background in publishing and estate agency… a strange mix I know! So I’m a freelance pa (or some people call me a virtual assistant) offering a wide range of general admin support to small businesses; but I particularly LOVE editorial services and creating websites on Squarespace.  

So why Squarespace, I hear you ask. Well here are some of the reasons why I believe Squarespace is a great option compared with WordPress for many small business owners.

Everything is in one place 

Reasons to use squarespace

Yes really … Squarespace has everything in one place which certainly gives peace of mind. It offers: 

  • a fully-managed platform, so no need for updates, plugins, widgets etc; 
  • fast, secure and reliable hosting; 
  • beautifully-designed templates to choose from that are all very adaptable; 
  • templates are automatically optimised for any device; 
  • blogs, image galleries, videos are all there (again without plugins); and 
  • there are free SSL certificates on all websites; and did you know that Google shows a preference to secure sites in rankings. 

WordPress on the other hand has over 50,000 plugins on offer and if you have very specific and unusual requirements of your website then WordPress may be best for you. BUT most businesses dont need this specificity and a well-designed website on the Squarespace platform will be more than adequate.  

Template-based system 

Squarespace offers a great selection of clean and modern templates to choose from so you are bound to find one that suits you and your business. These templates can be easily customised but it is best to be really clear about what you need from your website before you choose your template as while all templates offer the same features and design options you cant switch between them once you have started! 

Everything is built in 

As Squarespace is a fully-managed platform there is no need to update software, plugins or widgets and no worries that changing one component might break something else!  

Furthermore if I was to build your website for you it is easy for you to take over the updating, adding blogs etc going forward. 

Pricing is reasonable 

With the Squarespace template system a huge amount of your website is done before you even get started. As a result the cost to build your site will be much less compared to building a WordPress site.  

There are ongoing costs as once you have built your Squarespace site you will have Squarespace fees for hosting, domain, email etc. Having said this, the pricing is transparent and simple and includes everything you need, no add-ons. 

WordPress hosting may be cheaper when compared alone but if you need to add monthly support from a web developer, factor in any additional licences, and that your site may be more prone to downtime and issues then I know which one I would choose. 

Restrictions versus responsibility 

We all know that WordPress is a hugely powerful platform and that it is infinitely customisable with all the available plugins. However, with this comes responsibility that may be outwith your skill-set. You may, therefore, have to allow for additional ongoing costs for someone to maintain your website for you on a monthly basis. 

In comparison, Squarespace is unlikely to break, it just works, there arent all the individual plugins that might conflict etc. 

Easy for you to take over 

The Squarespace platform is extremely intuitive and simple to use, even for complete technophobes … believe me! However, not everyone wants or has the time to create their own website. So it might still be more cost-effective for you to concentrate on other aspects of your business than spend time designing your own website. 

Another HUGE advantage of Squarespace is that I can design one for you and it is easy for you to take it over once I am done; for you to edit and add blogs yourself without additional costs. 

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) 

Im not an SEO expert but from an SEO perspective Squarespace has a lot of SEO built-in but you can, if you choose, have quite a lot more control. 


Squarespace support is excellent … there is a comprehensive library of step-by-step guides, video tutorials and also 24/7 free live chat and email support. This support is useful for you building your own website and/or when you take over a site that I have built for you. 

So, to conclude, Squarespace enables you to: 

  1. create a clean, professional and modern well-designed website; 
  1. template-based system that is fairly straightforward; and 
  1. no coding or design expertise is needed. 

Some people say that Squarespace is the Apple of website builders: intuitive, curated and thoughtfully designed, and I would agree. It is an excellent platform for many small business owners to design their own site (or ask me!) and be able to update and maintain it themselves too.  

The Squarespace template-based platform can take some time to find your way around and not everyone will have the patience or time to fiddle on with it. However, in my opinion Squarespace is much easier than WordPress both to set up and maintain. 

Take a look at what Squarespace offers here 

If you need a new website and just cant face the learning curve to create your own, or dont have the time, then I could build it for you … so do get in touch: lucinda@cornerstonepaservices.uk  

If you are interested these are the websites I have designed for clients: whaupleygundogs.co.uk and steedman-assessors.co.uk 

Squarespace example websites

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