Sharing a file directly from Word

May 4, 2023 | Excel Hints and Tips, PowerPoint Hints and Tips, Word Hints and Tips

If you are working in Microsoft Word and then you realise that the file needs to be shared with someone else then you do not have to open up Outlook or Microsoft Teams to share it.  This can be done seamlessly from Word.

Sharing the file rather than attaching it in an email also means that everyone is working with the same file at all times, the one version of the truth, so no issues can occur due to several different versions floating around which have been changed by different people at different times.

How to share the file

The file is created and saved in the usual way.  When it is time to share it with others the Share icon is used.

  1. Click on the Share icon
Share icon image

2. A link to the file can be sent via email using Share or by using Copy Link where this link can be pasted into any suitable location such as meeting chat, or teams chat with an individual

3. Copy Link is also available directly from the Share icon

4. It is important to choose whether the file is to be available to anyone, just within the organisation, only to people who have already been given he link or only to specific people.  These options are directly available from Share but are accessed by clicking on Anyone with the link can edit when using Copy Link instead.

Share dialog box image

5. The rights also need to be set.  These determine whether the file is editable, can be reviewed or can be viewed only.

6. If the email option is being used then a message can be added if required before Send is pressed

Sending a copy

Although working on a single version of the file is normally the best option a copy of the file can still be sent if required.  

  1. Click on the Share icon
  2. Select Share
  3. Choose Send a Copy
  4. The options of Word Document or PDF are available
Send a copy image

5. An email will be created with the file already attached.  A subject line containing the file name is also completed.  Only the email address and any additional information needs to be filled in.

6. Click Send

Managing access

If the file has already been shared with others then this allows access to be removed.

  1. Click on the Share icon
  2. Select Manage Access
Manage Access image

3. Stop sharing removes any rights to accessing the file that others have been given

4. Alternatively, any links already created can be individually removed by clicking on The link works for and clicking on the cross next to their name

5. There is also the option to add Direct access to others from here too.  Only Can Edit or Can View access is available.  There is no option to Review from here

NOTE: The options described in this blog are also available in Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint

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