Sending out Similar Emails Quickly

Sep 12, 2019 | Outlook Hints and Tips

Sending out similar emails quickly can result in a huge time saving if we are doing it regularly. Have you ended up retyping the email from scratch or hunting in your sent items for the last one you sent that was close to what you want and copying and pasting this to a new email? There is a much quicker way using Email templates. You can set up as many of these as you like to speedily create starting points for emails you are sending. These can then be tweaked on an individual basis.

To Create a Template Email in Outlook

  1. Start creating your email as you would normally including subject and general text.  If you have an autosignature then remove it otherwise you will end up with it twice (I’m speaking from experience)
  2. From the File Tab choose Save As and change the Save As Type to Outlook Template
  3. Do not change the file location.  If this is altered then Outlook doesn’t know where to find the template to reuse it.
  4. Click on Save
Image of Save-as-Outlook-Template

To Use a Template Already Created

  1. Choose New Item from the Home tab
  2. Choose Other items
  3. Select Choose Form and change the location you are looking in from Standard Forms Library to User Templates in File System
  4. The email you created should be there!  Select it and click on open
  5. The email can be customised as required and the original will remain unaltered
Image of Choose-Form

To speed up the use of a pre-created template further consider adding an icon to the Quick Access Toolbar that sits at the top left of your screen. Navigate as far as the Choose Form option and right-click on it. Select Add to Quick Access Toolbar. Now you can jump straight to step 3 above by clicking on the new icon. Even quicker!!

TIP: If you have sent a similar email to the one you want to save as a template before then open it from your Sent Items folder then follow the steps for creating a template email

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