Top 10 Shortcuts Word

Aug 28, 2018 | Uncategorised, Word Hints and Tips

There are many shortcuts that apply to all applications but the following are shortcuts that are either exclusive to Word or more useful in Word.  Quite a few of these are related to ways of selecting data and some work outside of Microsoft Word too.  All will speed up your productivity.  Even though each shortcut only saves a small amount of time, all these add up to something significant.

CTRL + ALT + number – Applies that level of heading style

SHIFT + F3 – Change case

CTRL + ENTER – Insert page break

ALT + F9 – Toggle field codes

Double click a word – Selects the word

Triple click a word – Selects the paragraph

Click in left margin – Selects a row

Double click in left margin – Selects a paragraph

Triple click in left margin – Selects whole document

ALT + CTRL + F – Insert Footnote

The selection shortcuts here are particularly handing if you are doing a lot of work in Word.  I also love the change case shortcut which also works in PowerPoint.  Why not try some of them out.

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