Top 10 PowerPoint Shortcuts

Jul 12, 2018 | PowerPoint Hints and Tips, Uncategorised

PowerPoint has some really useful shortcuts that are either exclusive to PowerPoint or are used predominantly in this package.  A few of these could make a huge difference in your productivity.  There are several here that are really helpful to know when you are running your presentation to give you the flexibility you need or to run the presentation more quickly.  In addition there are several that are useful when working on the slides themselves.  Also there are plenty of generic Microsoft Shortcuts that could save you time across all the products.

Powerpoint Keyboard Shortcuts

  • SHIFT + F3 – Change Case
  • CTRL + M – Create New Slide.  The layout is normally a repeat of the slide you are currently selected on unless you are on a title slide when it will assume that you are creating a tile and content layout
  • F5 – Runs the slide show from the first slide
  • CTRL D – Duplicate.  If selected on a slide in the pane on the left it will duplicate a slide, if selected on a shape or text box it duplicates that instead
  • CTRL + SHIFT + Click and drag on shape – Copies the shape and keeps it lined up with the original
  • Arrow keys – Moves the shape in direction of arrows but if you hold down CTRL at the same time it nudges it a tiny bit
  • CTRL + B or CTRL + W – Blacks or whites the screen when running a presentation enabling a conversation on a topic not covered in the presentation to be discussed without the distraction of the slides in the background
  • SHIFT + F5 – Runs the slide show from current slide
  • Slide number and ENTER – When running a slide show this  navigates to that slide number
  • SHIFT + Normal view icon (bottom right) – switches between slide master and normal view

Why don’t you pick out a couple of these to try.

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