Power BI Updates Q1 2004

Jun 27, 2024 | Power BI Hints and Tips

In case you missed them here are my favourite updates for Q1 2004.

As usual the changes are coming thick and fast with some significant alterations but also many changes that just make your life easier.

Power BI January updates

The options below are available for column and bar charts.

  • Extra column formatting options – Available from the Columns formatting section these options can now be applied to all series or a specific series.  This includes options such as changing colour and transparency and border customisation.  Layout options are only available for all series but now include choices such as reverse order, sort by value, space between categories and space between series and series explosion.
Column layout options image
  • Advanced ribbon settings – Available from the Ribbons formatting section these also can be applied to all series or a specific series.  These also include colour to match the series colour or not and change the transparency, border and layout options.  The layout option is only available for all series and allows the spacing between ribbons to be altered.
Column Ribbon settings image
  • More customisation for data labels – Available from the Data Labels section these also can be applied to all series or a specific series.  The orientation and position of the label can be altered, extra details added by adding another field with extra layout options allowing for single or multi line layouts too.
Column Data Label options image

Power BI February updates

  • Visual calculations have arrived – It is a preview feature so needs to be enabled by going to options and settings, Options, Preview features, Visual Calculations.  The New Calculation icon is now available on the Home tab.  The fx button gives options of calculations that can be performed.  Calculation can refer to any data in the visual including columns, measures or other visual calculations. An example could be: Running totals =RUNNINGSUM([Sum of Shipping Fee])
New calculation icon image
  • On object interaction – when multiple visualisations are selected formatting from the visualisations pane now works.
  • Power BI home – There is a new default screen when Power BI Desktop is opened.
New Home screen image

Power BI March updates

  • Add and edit calculations on Power BI service – The new calculation option is now available here as well as in the Desktop version.
  • On object interaction updates – The visual suggestions option is now inside the on-object build button.
  • Gauge now supports on-object formatting.
  • Mobile layout – There is now a new Auto-create mobile layout option.  It is a preview feature so needs to be enabled by going to options and settings, Options, Preview features, auto-create mobile layout.  This creates a mobile layout for the page which can then be modified as required.
Auto create mobile layout image
  • The Data bars conditional formatting in matrix and tables can now apply to values only, values and totals or total only.  This is accessed from Cell elements in the Visualisations pane, switching on Data Bars for a numerical field and selecting the Fx button.  The option is changed from Apply to.
Data bars apply to image
  • New horizontal alignment options for data labels – there are now the options of Auto, inside end, Inside Centre and Inside base for column and bar charts.
  • Write DAX queries in DAX view with Copilot (Preview) – Go to the DAX view and click on Copilot (Preview).   Ask copilot to create the DAX function for you using natural language.
Ask Copilot to create DAX image
  • Enhanced row level security is now enabled by default.  Previously this was a preview feature.

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