Using delegate access to arrange a meeting on behalf of someone else

Sep 24, 2018 | Outlook Hints and Tips, Uncategorised

Often a personal assistant (PA) or executive assistant (EA) will need to schedule meetings on behalf of their manager because part of their role is keeping track of what their manager is doing and when.  This role helps free up the managers time so they can concentrate directly on business concerns.  This requires the manager to be able to delegate access to the PA so they can book them on their behalf.

How to delegate access

  1. On the Manager’s PC open Outlook
  2. From the File tab select Account Settings
  3. Choose Delegate Access, then Add
  4. The person who is going to have the rights to make the meetings is chosen at this point

The permissions for the calendar must be set to Editor which authorises the PA to read, create and modify calendar items.

If “Delegate receives copies of meeting related messages sent to me” is ticked then the PA will receive meeting requests and related information

Messages with send on behalf permissions include both the PA and the Manager name.  When a message is sent with Send As permissions only the manager’s name appears.

The meeting can now be made in the same way as any meeting would normally be created

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