Outlook Shortcuts

Dec 12, 2018 | Outlook Hints and Tips, Uncategorised

Keyboard shortcuts are more commonly used in the other Microsoft packages but there are some pretty useful ones available in Outlook too that are specific to this application.  Some shortcuts do different things depending on which section of Outlook you are in.  For example, CTRL + N creates a new email, new appointment, new task etc depending on whether you are in the mail, calendar or tasks sections.

Here are some of the most useful keyboard shortcuts that are generally only used in Outlook.

General Outlook Shortcuts                                                           

CTRL + 1 – Go to Emails

CTRL + 2 – Go to Calendar

CTRL + 3 – Go to Contacts

CTRL + 4 – Go to Tasks

CTRL + 5 – Go to Notes

CTRL + SHIFT M – New Email

CTRL + SHIFT A – New Appointment

CTRL + SHIFT Q – New Meeting

CTRL + SHIFT + C – New Contact

CTRL + SHIFT + K – New Task

Email Shortcuts                                                                

CTRL + N – Create new email message or item

DELETE – Delete message or item

CTRL + F – Forward message

CTRL + SHIFT + R – Reply All to email message

CTRL + R – Reply to email message

Alt + Q – Search

CTRL + ENTER – Send email message

Left arrow – Collapse the selected folder

Right arrow – Expand the selected folder

F2 – Rename the selected folder

CTRL + Q – Mark the selected conversation or message as read

CTRL + U – Mark the selected conversation or message as unread

SHIFT + DELETE – Permanently delete the selected message or item

Calendar Shortcuts                                                         

CTRL + N – Create a new calendar item

TAB – Move to the next event or area in the current view

SHIFT + TAB – Move to a previous event or area in the current view

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