On Object Interaction Preview Feature

Apr 4, 2024 | Power BI Hints and Tips

On Object interaction is a preview feature in Power BI Desktop which provides a new improved experience for working with visualisations.

Here is an overview of the main changes that have been made.

Enable On Object Preview

To use this feature it must first be switched on.

  1. Select the File menu.
  2. Choose Options and settings then Options.
  3. Select Preview features.
  4. Tick On Object Interaction.
On object interaction preview image

Power Bi will need to be restarted to enable this to take effect.

Pane Switcher

Navigate to the Report View.

A new pane appears on the right.  This is called the Pane Switcher.

Pane switcher image

This allows the pane next to it to be changed to the following:

  • Data
  • Build A Visual
  • Format
  • Sync Slicers

Data, Format and Syc Slicers are hardly changed from the panes that existed before.

Other options that can be added to the Pane Switcher by clicking on the ‘+’ button are:

  • Bookmarks
  • Selection
  • Performance Analyzer

Build a Visual Pane

The feel of this pane has changed considerably although the functionality is largely unaffected.

Build a Visual pane image

Visual Types – This can be expanded to show the full list of visualisations available.

Suggest a Type – When selected on a visualisation turning this on will suggest another type of visualisation that would work well with the selection.  Use Undo to set this back to what it was if it is not suitable.

Parts of the visualisation – Fields are added to the parts of the visualisation by clicking on Add Data and choosing from the tables and fields available in the Power BI file.  The arrow next to the field added allows values to be changed from sum to average, max, min etc for numerical fields.

NOTE: Access to Show Value as options are available by right clicking on a numerical field.

Working with the Pane options

What is viewed in the new pane can be switched on and off.

1. On the view tab select Data, Format, Sync Slicers or Build Visual to add and remove these from the new pane.

View pane options image

2. The Pane Switcher icon has 3 options:

a. Always show pane switcher.

b. Always open in new pane.

c. Move Build a visual to pane switcher (this is on by default).  Switching this off moves all the build a visual options to a button to the right of the visualisation.

Add or Remove Visual Elements Icon

This icon now appears to the right of a visualisation.  It provides another way to access formatting options.

Add or remove visual elements icon image
  1. Some formatting options can be switched on and off from here.
  2. Titles can be added then edited directly on the visualisation.  x and y axis titles can be edited in the same way.
  3. More options brings up the format pane to gain access to all formatting options available.

Add New Visualisations from Tabs

Adding New visualisations is now also available on the Home tab and the Insert Tab.

Where have Analytics options gone?

These are now available from the bottom of the Format Pane.

Quick Formatting on the Visualization

Key formatting options related to a particular part of the chart can be accessed by right clicking on the section to be changed.  Other options can still be accessed from the Format pane.

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