New Chat Features in Microsoft Teams

Feb 16, 2023 | Microsoft Teams Hints and Tips

Microsoft Teams is constantly evolving and here are 2 new chat features you may not have realised are now available.  It is now possible to record short videos as a response or delay the sending of a chat message id required.

Record a Video in Chat

This feature is only available in Microsoft Teams Chat not in the teams conversations.  In allows a video response to be sent instead of the usual text and files

  1. Start a new Chat or respond to an existing chat as normal
  2. Click on the Record a Video Clip icon
Video clip icon

3. Check that the correct camera and microphone are being used for the recording

4. Press the Record icon.  Note that the video can be a maximum of 1 minute in length

Record icon

5. Press the Pause icon to pause or end the recording

6. Press the Review icon to check the video is OK

7. The Play button allows the video to be viewed.  The start and end point can be adjusted by dragging the start and end point on the timeline


8. If the video is good then press Send, otherwise click on Record again

9. If you want to send a written message to go with this then type in a separate message as usual

Send at a scheduled time in Chat

This is a feature that has been available in Microsoft Outlook for a long while now but has only just arrived in Teams Chats.  This feature is not currently available in Teams Conversations.  It is useful if you want to send a message to an individual or group of people for some time in the future.  This may be due to people asking for a response in a few days time or might be because you do not want a message to disturb them in the middle of the night!!

  1. Start a new chat or respond to an existing chat as normal
  2. Type in the message
  3. Right click on the Send button
  4. Change the Date and time as required then click Send at Scheduled Time
  5. Details about when the message will be delivered now shows at the top of the message
Scheduled time message

6. The date and time can be amended, or the scheduling cancelled by clicking on this link

Edit or cancel scheduled time

It will be interesting to see if these features are made available in Teams conversations at some point in the future.

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