Minimise Files Size for Pictures and Videos

Aug 29, 2019 | PowerPoint Hints and Tips

If you are working with files that contain lots of high-quality images or any videos in PowerPoint you may need to minimize file size for pictures and videos. Otherwise, the size of your files can become huge very quickly.  This article looks at a couple of options.

Consider copying the file before reducing the file sizes so you have a high-resolution version should you need the quality in the future. For example, if presenting information on a large HD screen.

Minimize File Size for Pictures

I have seen many people minimise the size of pictures by exporting them from the Word, Excel, PowerPoint or other packages into a graphics package one by one.  These images are then saved as a smaller file type before they are reimported.  For a file containing lots of images this can take a while and is a laborious task!

Image of compress pictures

But why go to all this trouble when there is an icon that does it all for you.  When you click on a picture the picture tools format tab appears at the end of the ribbon.  The icon for compress pictures is the one you need.  Compression can be applied to just this picture (but you would normally apply this to the whole file).  Also cropped areas that we don’t want to see can be removed.  Finally, the level of resolution can be chosen.  If options are greyed out then the image is not of sufficient quality to reduce it to these options.  The resolution chosen will depend on what you want to use the file for and how much memory you want to save.

Minimize File Size for Videos

This option is not available in Word or Excel as it is a feature that is only applicable to presentations in PowerPoint.  This will only work for video files you have saved on your PC.  It is not available if you have embedded a YouTube video because the presentation links to the original file in YouTube and you cannot control the resolution there.

It is not surprising that the button to perform this is often missed as it only appears if you have a video in the file already.

Image of compress media options

From the file tab select Compress Media.  There are 3 levels of compression to choose from depending on the amount of space you need to save and the quality you require.  The process of reducing the file size may take some time!  You will be informed about how much space you have saved when the process is complete.  You can undo this compression if the results are not what you require.

By using these 2 options the overall file size can be reduced considerably in most cases but the memory saved will always be determined by the initial resolution and the final resolution required.

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