Microsoft Photo Editing – 5 features to blow your mind

Aug 23, 2018 | Excel Hints and Tips, PowerPoint Hints and Tips, Word Hints and Tips

Gone are the days when photo editing software like photoshop was required for even the most basic tasks.  Over the last few years the Microsoft products have had improved functionality so for most individuals it does more than enough.  There is the ability to change brightness and contrast, colour the picture, crop and much, much more.  Once the picture is inserted the format tab holds the key to all these wonderful features and many more.

1: Remove background

Remove background enables the removal of parts of the background of the picture.  This is particularly useful if there is something like a logo with a solid background colour that can look odd when put onto a coloured background.  You click on the icon then click on the background you want removed.  You may need to play around to get it exactly as you require.

2: Artistic effect

The artistic effects are useful if you want to change your photo into a mosaic, pencil drawing or similar.

3: Compress Pictures

Compress picture is one of the most useful photo editing options available in my opinion.  Pictures can make your file size huge.  This reduces the size while keeping the level of resolution required for what you need it for.  It’s great for PowerPoint presentations which often bounce when sent by email due to the amount of the memory used.

4: Picture styles

Great for a quick way to format the picture including reflections, borders, glows and more.  If you need more flexibility the picture borders, picture effects and picture layout icons allow for any combination of options.

5: Crop

When a picture contains things that you do not want then crop enables you to remove the parts of the picture not required.  This could be creating a headshot from a full body picture or getting rid of the excessive sky.

I hope these give you an idea of what can be achieved.  Why not have a try yourself.  If it doesn’t go to plan you can always undo!!

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