Microsoft Word Hidden Options

Sep 5, 2019 | Word Hints and Tips

There are plenty of options available directly on the ribbons in Microsoft Word but some sections have plenty more options that you might need at some point.  These options are the ones that Microsoft thinks most users are less likely to need but might require at some point so tucks them away so they are not visible on a regular basis.  This article specifically covers Microsoft Word hidden options.

How to Access Hidden Options

Each ribbon tab is divided into sections or groups by a vertical line and a name is given to each section at the bottom to describe the type of icons that have been grouped together.  At the bottom right corner of some of these sections there is a symbol that looks like to sides of a square with a diagonal arrow.  It almost looks like it is part of the design but actually provides access to extra features.  All of the options already available on the ribbon are also available here.

Home Tab

Clipboard Section

Image of Paste options

Brings up the clipboard pane on the left of the screen which is helpful if you are copying and pasting several chunks of data.  The information can be pasted in a different order to the order it is copied.

Font Section

Image of Font-Options-Word

The extra options in here include different underline styles and underline colours, double strikethrough and small caps and all caps that force the text into uppercase even if they are typed in lower case.  The options here can be set as default for documents going forward.

Paragraph Section


There are special indents of first-line and hanging along with more flexible line and paragraph spacing options.  The options here can be set as default for the future.

Styles Section

Image of Styles-word

Gives extra options on how to manage and update styles.

Layout Tab

Page Setup Section

Image of Page-Setup-Word

Provides more options for setting up the page for printing.

Paragraph section

Has the same options as the paragraph section on the Home tab.

References Tab

Footnotes Section

Image of Footnotes-Word

Gives footnote and endnote options including where they are positioned on the page, numbering and which part of the document it applies to.

Review Tab

Tracking Section

Image of Tracking-Word

Additional options here can be found under advanced options where the format for different changes can be altered to suit different requirements and the location of balloons that normally pop out to the right can be changed.

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