Microsoft Teams templates and more new features

Nov 26, 2020 | Microsoft 365 Hints and Tips

Microsoft Teams just keeps on giving by adding more functionality or making the existing functionality easier to use.  While most of the recent changes have been in the meeting side of teams other parts of the software have also been tweaked to improve the user experience including the new option of Microsoft Teams templates.

This post looks at some new meeting options but also some that are more easily accessible now from within the meeting or at the point of joining the meeting.  It also covers how templates can be used to create teams more quickly.


There is a better experience now from the calendar in Microsoft Teams when working with a meeting already setup.  When the meeting is clicked on there is not only the option of join meeting but the meeting can also be edited from here too.  There is also the option of chatting with the meeting attendees without having to join the meeting first.

Image of Meeting setup

Once the Join meeting option has been selected there are extra choices before the Join Now button is clicked.  These include turning on and off the camera and microphone, changing the background and which devices are being used for speaker, microphone and camera.  You can even mute the audio from the participants.

Image of Join meeting options

Once the meeting is joined some of the options have moved to be more easily accessible.  The ellipses where more actions can be accessed contains meeting options such as who waits in the lobby and who is a presenter.  Also meeting details show all the information in the original meeting request sent and this can be copied to send it on to additional attendees.  It is useful to be able to see the original message without having to hunt for it from outside of the meeting that is currently being run.

Image of Meeting Details

The participant list also has a new option.  From the ellipses on the participants pane the meeting organiser now has the option of “Don’t allow attendees to unmute”.  In larger meeting this can be particularly useful if you want all communication to take place through the meeting chat.  This was only available before in Live Events where participants cannot be unmute at all.  Only presenter can verbally communicate in this setup.  The raise hand option now shows people in the participant list in the order the hands have been raised so questions can be answered in order by the presenter or meeting organiser.

Image of Dont allow attendees to unmute

Creating a new Team using Templates

Depending on your organisation you may not be able to create your own team but if you can there is a new option available.  Teams can now be created using a template.  There are 13 options available and each creates not only a team but also a number of related channels that are likely to match that sort of setup.  It also adds 1 or more apps that are likely to be particularly useful in this scenario.  The Wiki app is added to every team.  What is initially created can easily be amended but the starting point is there.  The templates cover a wide range of situations.

Image of Create team from template

The options available are:

  • Adopt Office 365
  • Manage a Project
  • Manage an Event
  • Onboard Employees
  • Organise Help Desk
  • Co-ordinate Incident Room
  • Collaborate on Patient Care
  • Collaborate on a Global Crisis or Event
  • Collaborate within a Bank Branch
  • Hospital
  • Organise a Store
  • Quality and Safety
  • Retail – Manager Collaboration

So hopefully some of these additions to Microsoft Teams will improve your collaboration even more.  Keep any eye out for more changes coming soon!






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