Microsoft Outlook Hidden Options

Aug 15, 2019 | Outlook Hints and Tips

There are plenty of options available directly on the ribbons in Microsoft Outlook but some sections have plenty more options that you might need at some point.  These options are the ones that Microsoft thinks most users are less likely to need but might require at some point so tucks them away so they are not visible on a regular basis.  This article specifically covers the Microsoft Outlook hidden options.  There are some hidden options on the main Outlook ribbon but most appear when you are sending emails.

How to Access Hidden Options

Each ribbon tab is divided into sections or groups by a vertical line and a name is given to each section at the bottom to describe the type of icons that have been grouped together.  At the bottom right corner of some of these sections there is a symbol that looks like to sides of a square with a diagonal arrow.  It almost looks like it is part of the design but actually provides access to extra features.  All of the options already available on the ribbon are also available in here.

From the Main Outlook Ribbon

Home Tab

Quick Steps Section

Image of Quick-Steps-Outlook

Gives options to create, modify and delete quick steps which can perform certain tasks more quickly.  There is also the option or resetting these to default.

From the Outlook Ribbon when Sending a New Email

Message Tab

Clipboard Section

Image of Paste options

Brings up a pane on the right hand side which is useful if pasting various blocks of data in a different order to the order it was copied.

Basic Text Section

Image of Font-Options-Outlook

The extra options in here include different underline styles and underline colours, double strikethrough and small caps and all caps that force the text into uppercase even if they are typed in lower case.  There is also the option to create superscripts and subscripts.

Tags Section

Image of Sending-Options-Outlook

Has a variety of sending options including sensitivity, voting buttons, read and delivery receipts, have replies sent to someone else, expire emails after a certain date and delay delivery until a certain date and time.

Options Tab

Tracking Section

Shows the same details as the Tag section.

More Options Section

Shows the same details as the Tag section.

Format Text Tab

Font Section

Has the same options as the basic text section.

Paragraph Section

Image of Paragraph-Options-Outlook

There are special indents of first-line and hanging along with more flexible paragraph spacing and line spacing options.

Styles Section

Image of Styles-word

Provides choices for modifying and creating new styles.

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