Microsoft Excel Hidden Options

Oct 10, 2019 | Excel Hints and Tips

There are plenty of options available directly on the ribbons in Microsoft Excel but some sections have plenty more options that you might need at some point.  These options are the ones that Microsoft thinks most users are less likely to need but might require at some point so tucks them away so they are not visible on a regular basis.  This article specifically covers the Microsoft Excel hidden options.

How to Access Hidden Options

Each ribbon tab is divided into sections or groups by a vertical line and a name is given to each section at the bottom to describe the type of icons that have been grouped together.  At the bottom right corner of some of these sections there is a symbol that looks like to sides of a square with a diagonal arrow.  It almost looks like it is part of the design but actually provides access to extra features.  All of the options already available on the ribbon are also available here.

Home Tab

Clipboard Section

Image of Paste options

Brings up the clipboard pane on the left of the screen which is helpful if you are copying and pasting several chunks of data.  The information can be pasted in a different order to the order it is copied.

Font Section

Image of Font-Options-Excel

The extra options in here include single and double accounting underline styles allowing for more space between the number and the underline, strikethrough and superscripts and subscripts.

Alignment Section

Image of Align-options-Excel

Allows for Shrink to Fit and angling text at any angle you like.

Number Section

Image of Number-Options-Excel

Gives extra choices for number, date and time formats including a list of all the currencies that are available, the option of showing negative numbers in red and a wide range of formats for dates and times.  There is also the possibility to create custom formats if none of the pre-created ones are suitable.

Insert Tab

Charts Section

Image of Chart-Options-Excel

Provides a list of recommended chart type and the All Charts tab shows every chart type available in Excel.

Page Layout Tab

Page Setup Section

Image of Page-Setup-Options

Provides more options for sizing the page to fit for printing and what number page numbering starts at.

Scale to Fit Section

Shows the same options as the Page Setup Section.

Sheet Options Section

Image of Sheet-Options-Excel

Options of printing black and white, whether comments are printed or not and how errors show along with the choice of changing the order of the printed pages.

Data Tab

Outline Section

Image of Sheet-Options-Excel

Gives the option of whether summary rows and columns are shown and if a style is applied.

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