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Jan 13, 2022 | Microsoft 365 Hints and Tips

People often ask me how they can find out what version of their Microsoft software they are using so here’s how!!  There’s also some other information related to the Account section of the products. 

These options will be similar across the Microsoft Versions and Products but there will be some differences.  This blog is specifically written for Microsoft 365. 

Finding account Information 

  1. Go to the File Tab 
  2. Select Account 
  3. You will see the version being used on the right under Subscription Product along with the products that the licence agreement you have supports. 
Product Information

NOTE:  In Microsoft 365 not all subscriptions will cover the same products.  If the products you require are not available then you would need to contact your Microsoft seller to upgrade your subscription. 

Office Updates 

Microsoft 365 updates on a regular basis but you can control how this works. 

  1. Go to the File Tab 
  2. Select Account 
  3. Click on Update Options 
Update Options

4. Update Now will check for any new updates and install them
5. Disable Updates will stop the updates happening 
6. View Updates to see the recent updates that have been installed 
7. About Updates helps you to find out how your updates are currently configured 

NOTE:  These may be controlled central from the IT Department so the ability to change these options may not be available. 

What’s New 

With Microsoft 365 the software is updating all the time and this gives the opportunity to find out what is new recently.  This option will not be available in stand alone versions of the software where the software’s functionality is fixed for the duration of it’s life. 

User Information 

Your personal information can be changed from here.  You can change your Photo, About Me information, Sign Out from your account or Switch to another user account as required. 


User Information

Office Background and Office Theme 

These can also be adjusted from the Account section. The office background changes the header seen from the File tab and the Office Theme changes the colours. These are altered across the Microsoft suite not just in the package where the alteration is made. 


Background and Theme

Some of these options can be controlled from other places so if you are familiar with changing them from there instead then that is fine! 

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