Microsoft 365 Copilot Introduction

Jan 18, 2024 | Copilot Hints and Tips

There has been a lot of talk about AI over the last 6 months or so.  Microsoft will be adding its own AI experience to Microsoft 365 too called Copilot.  Just rolled out to most general users.  The cost is a hefty $30 per user per month on top of any costs already incurred for the M365 licence itself.   To clarify we are only talking about M365 Copilot here and there are other Copilots available too.

Below are some of the ways that M365 Copilot will be able to help you work quicker and smarter but always sense check the results and amend the information if required.  It looks at the files and other information you have available to you within your company’s system to produce the content that you see so if your information is incorrect then the output Copilot created will be too.


  • Create a document based on any information stored on your system that you have access to
  • Change text length or writing style from any suggested text produced
  • Automatically add formatting
  • Make the formatting consistent with another document already created
  • If document is going to be read it can add speaker cues
  • Create a document based on other documents for example a proposal created from several other files which could be a mixture of Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations
  • Add a summary section to a document
  • Suggest ways to improve the document and you can choose which to implement
  • Add suggested frequently asked questions
  • Add pictures from another file like a PowerPoint presentation
  • Turn a Word document into PowerPoint presentation


  • Analyse the data to show trends
  • Show the breakdown of one of these results
  • Improve the visual impact of the data by adding colour
  • Create a chart based on the data


  • Create a presentation based on information provided By searching you system for relevant photos and content
  • Make an individual slide more concise or with more images by taking much of the text into speaker notes
  • Replace images with something more appropriate from the images you have available
  • Add transitions between slides
  • Add animations
  • Add a slide based on instructions given
  • Make a slide more visual
  • Turn a PowerPoint presentation into a Word document
  • Generate speaker notes


  • Generate draft content for an email
  • Highlight most important emails over the last few days
  • Summarize email threads on Outlook mobile
  • Draft a reply from data in another file
  • Change text length or writing style from any suggested text produced
  • Add more context to the email content


  • Can create pages of things to do based on a remit you give it.  E.g. Create a plan for our Companies 20th Birthday celebrations
  • Can create a To Do list from information in One Note


  • Highlight what has happened over last few days
  • Get a summary of a meeting
  • List action items from the meeting
  • List main items discussed
  • Generate meeting notes
  • Generate a recap after a meeting with your own prompts such as for each participant what was their greatest concern or draft a summary email to the meeting participants

This list is not exhaustive but will give you an idea of what is possible.  In the test group users were 29% faster at specific tasks which is a considerable time saving.

NOTE: AI is already integrated into some of the apps and has been for some time.  For example, in PowerAutomate you can ask it to create an automation in natural language and it will produce the steps for you.  Or in Power BI you can add a Q&A visualisation where anyone accessing the report can state what they need to find out from the data.

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