Implementing Microsoft Teams in your company

Jan 26, 2023 | Microsoft Teams Hints and Tips

Microsoft Teams is a fantastic tool for company collaboration but there are a few key decisions to make to ensure that everyone is using the software consistently to avoid frustration and ensure the most is made of the software.

Can everyone set up Teams and Channels?

Initially it may seem like a great idea to give anyone in the company the ability to set up teams and channels but ultimately this could cause chaos.  You do not want multiple teams set up containing the same people or channels that are used for the same content.  This means that there may be multiple places to look for the same information or that it gets duplicated unnecessarily.  By having a Teams administrator (or 2) who oversee this there is less likely to be this sort of issue.

Where do I communicate?

Communication in a company will take place in chat, conversations and Email but when does each option get used.  If there is not a policy covering this then it can become a jumbled free for all.

Chat – This is normally used for private conversations with individuals or groups of people that would not sit in a specific channel or for chats that would not need to be looked back on.  For example, “Can you give me a call to discuss the project?”  or “We need to look at holidays being taken by the team to ensure appropriate cover, can you let me know when you are planning to have time off this year?”  Any channel specific information should take place in the relevant channel instead.

Conversations – These take place in a team channel and are normally used for internal communication related to the channel content.  In some companies there is the opportunity to include external people in a team and/or channel.  In this case external communication could in some cases also be included.

Email – Email is often used for external communication with the exception of teams that could have external members.  By using the chat and the conversations for most internal communication the number of emails should be hugely reduced.

How do I know if a conversation has been read?

The thumbs up icon can be used to show if an email has been read.  It does rely on everyone in the team using it.  It can be used for every conversation or for certain conversations only.

Should we use OneDrive?

OneDrive is a personal drive and some companies ask employees not to use it at all.  It can be useful if you want to start creating a document before it gets to the point that you want to share it with others.  However, on the other hand, if it’s a business document it may be better to store it in a teams channel in case you are not available and others in the team need to access it.

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