How to use YouTube Videos in a PowerPoint Presentation

Aug 19, 2021 | PowerPoint Hints and Tips

Adding a video to a presentation can provide some well needed variety to your slide show.  As more and more businesses are realising the power of movie content they are often creating promotional videos that are available from a corporate YouTube channel or other similar application.  Prospective customers and employees alike can access these for their personal or business use. 

They can also be added to a corporate presentation to show off products or services or business processes in business meetings and beyond. 

Adding a YouTube (or other online) Video to a PowerPoint Presentation

1. Go to YouTube and find the video 

2. Copy the URL from the address bar at the top of the screen 

3. Open the PowerPoint presentation where the video is to be added 

4. Create a new slide which is either Blank or has a Title only 

5. From the Insert tab choose Video and Online Video 

Insert online video

Video is supported from the following applications (this is correct for Microsoft 365): 

  • YouTube 
  • SlideShare 
  • Vimeo 
  • Stream 

6. Paste the URL copied earlier into the bar at the top 

URL Online video

Resizing the Video 

The video can be resized using the handles around the edge of the inserted video.  It is recommended this is done from the corner so as not to warp the video.  Depending on the resolution of the video the quality may deteriorate the larger the movie becomes. 

Playing the video 

The video can be played by clicking on it from the slide deck in PowerPoint.  How it plays when the presentation is running can be adjusted from the Playback tab.  It can be set to start automatically, in click sequence or when clicked. 

Start Video playback

NOTE: Internet access is required when running a video directly from a site like YouTube.  If internet is not available or is not stable then the video would need to be downloaded then inserted into the presentation using the option of Insert Video from this device. 

There is no doubt that videos are a powerful medium to use and can certainly show things that words and pictures alone are not able to do. 

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