How to share a Power BI Report

Mar 7, 2024 | Power BI Hints and Tips

One of the brilliant things about Power BI is the ability to share the results with others.  This is done from Power BI Service.  Whatever options are chosen the report still retains its interactivity allowing the recipient to filter, sort, see tool tips and more.

What License do I need to share or view a report?

In order to share using any of the methods mentioned here the person sharing must have a Power BI Pro license.  Also, the person viewing the report must have a pro license or the company must have a Power BI premium license.  These are normally assigned by the IT administrator.

How to Share

  1. Select the Power BI Report.
  2. Click on the Share icon.
Share icon image

Choosing the sharing restrictions

The initial dialog box assumes that you will be sharing within your organisation and the people you are sharing with are able to Share the report with others but will not be able to edit the report.

1. To get options on who the report can be shared with click on ‘People in your organisation with the link can view and share’ button.

2. This gives 3 options:

a. People in your organisation – Only people in your organisation can access the report through the link.

b. People with existing access – The link is sent to people who have received the link before. This is useful if the report is due to be viewed regularly in case people lose the link.

c. Specific people – This can be outside of the organisation but may be disabled by your admin people.

Send link options image

3. Choose whether to Allow recipients to share this report if you want them to be able to share the report with others. This will still be restricted to the settings in point 2.

4. Choose whether to Allow recipients to build content with the data associated with this report. If ticked this allows people to edit the visualisations on the report pages.

5. Click on Apply.

6. The Send Link dialog box returns and the method of sharing must be selected.

send link image

Choosing a method to share

There are 4 options on how to share:

1. Copy link – The link can be copied and pasted anywhere you wish for people to access it. This could be the chat in a Teams meeting for example.

Copy link image

2. Mail – The email address for the person to send the link to is added and a message can be completed too if required before Send is clicked.

3. Teams – The link can be sent via a Teams chat or added to a channel.

Share through teams image

4. PowerPoint – A live version can be embedded into Teams but the people viewing the actual PowerPoint file then they must still have a pro license otherwise all the interactivity disappears.

Embed into PowerPoint image

Embed Report

The Power BI file can also be embedded into a website or SharePoint site.

  1. Make sure the Power BI report is open in Power BI service.
  2. Select the File icon.
  3. Select Embed Report.
  4. Then SharePoint online or Website or Portal.
Embed image

5. Both options produce a link which is then pasted into the relevant application.

NOTE: Anyone on the internet can view your published report unless the content is published to an internal portal or website.

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