How to run polls in Microsoft Teams

Jul 15, 2021 | Microsoft Teams Hints and Tips

In a meeting you may need to ask your attendees a question and be able to quickly monitor these responses. A poll is a perfect way to do this. 

They can even be created and sent out before the meeting or created on the fly as a meeting progresses when required. They can used for feedback after the meeting too. Once created a poll sits in draft view until it is launched to the meeting participants. 

Add Poll tab to a meeting

Microsoft Teams must be added as an extra tab before a poll can be created. 

1. Go to your calendar in Microsoft Teams 

2. Click on the meeting you want to add a poll to 

3. Select Chat with participants 

Chat with participants on Teams

4. Click on + to add a tab for Microsoft Forms.  Polls are conducted through Microsoft Forms in Teams.  Select Forms and Add 

Add forms in Teams

5. Clicking on Save adds a new Polls tab to your meeting 

Polls menu in Microsoft Teams

Create a Poll 

Now the Polls tab is available a poll can be created 

1. Click + Create new poll 

Create new poll in Microsoft Teams

2. Type in the question and possible options 

Forms dialog in Microsoft Teams

3. If multiple choices can be accepted then turn on multiple answers 

4. Select whether results are shared automatically after voting, keep responses anonymous or allow others to co-author 

At this point the poll is still in Draft and meeting attendees will not be able to see it. 

Launch a poll 

A poll can be launched before the meeting begins, after it ends or at any time while the meeting is in progress. 

1. If the meeting has not yet started go to the polls tab from the meeting chat and Launch.  This is the same to launch a poll after the meeting has ended. 

Launch Poll in Teams

2. If the meeting is in progress already go to the polls icon on the toolbar to bring up the Polls pane then click on Launch 

3. The attendees will see the Poll question and can click on Submit to send their response.  Alternatively they can choose to not participate by closing the box without clicking submit 

Live poll in Teams

NOTE: Draft will change to Live when a poll is launched.  The Launch button can also be used to edit or delete a poll 

Creating extra Polls 

More than 1 poll can be created ready to be launched 

1. If the meeting has not yet started or has finished then go to the polls tab from the meeting chat and use the + Create New button 

Create new/extra polls in Microsoft Teams

2 . If the meeting is in progress then bring up the polls pane and click on + Create New 

The order of the polls can be altered by clicking and dragging 

Closing and reopening a Poll 

1. The poll can be closed by clicking on View Options or View Results and selecting Close Poll 

Close poll in Microsoft Teams

2. It can be reopened by clicking on Export Results and choosing Reopen Poll 

NOTE: Only meeting organisers and presenters can create, edit and launch polls.  Attendees can only complete them. 

Polls are a great way to get feedback before, after or during a meeting.  They are quick to respond to for the attendees and a great way to add interaction to an online session. 

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