How to quickly add a subject line to your emails

Jul 14, 2022 | Outlook Hints and Tips

Do you find that you are sending out emails with the same, or similar, subject line on a regular basis?  Do you want to find a quicker way to do this?  I have a solution for you using quick steps. 

What are Quick Steps? 

  1. Make sure you are in the Mail part of Outlook 
  2. On the Home Tab find Quick Steps and choose Create New 
Quick steps create new

3. Give the quick step a meaningful Name to help you remember what it does 
4. From the Choose an Action drop down select New Message 
5. Leave the To box blank unless you want to always send to the same recipient 
6. Click on Show Options 
7. Add the Subject for the email 
8. Note that other options available here include adding a recipient to CC or BCC, changing the flag status, importance and the text in the body of the email if required 

Edit quick step

9. Additional actions can be added if required by click on the Add Action button to add another step 
10. If you are doing this all the time the quickest way to apply the quick step is by setting up a Shortcut Key.  The shortcuts available for quicksteps are CTRL + SHIFT + 1 through to 9 
11. Add Tooltip Text that appears when the quick step is hovered over to make it easier to pick up the right quick step 
12. Click on Finish 

How to run a quick step 

The quick step can be run in 2 ways 

  1. Click on the name of the quick step in the Quick Steps section of the Home tab 
  2. Use the keyboard shortcut (if you have set one up) 

A new email will be produced with the subject line you have specified. 

There are many other uses for Quick Steps so if you think you are doing something repetitive it’s worthwhile checking out the other options. 

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