How to move files from One Drive to Teams

Dec 2, 2022 | Microsoft 365 Hints and Tips

How do you move a file that you have started working on in your own personal One Drive into Microsoft Teams once you have realised that it would be useful for all your department or group to see and/or work on it? 

Many of my blogs come about due to questions that come up during training sessions and this is no exception!! 

Here are 3 solutions that you could try. 

Moving Files using Microsoft 365 One Drive 

To move the file from online One Drive App you must navigate to the One Drive App after logging into your Microsoft 365 Account. 

  1. Select the file or folder to be moved 
  2. Click on the Move To icon 
Move To Icon in OneDrive

3. You will currently be sitting somewhere in your One Drive 
4. On the left side, in Quick Access there will be a list of Teams Sites and SharePoint sites that you have access to 

Teams Sites in One Drive Quick Access

5. Click on the Team or SharePoint site name where you want to move the file to.  If this is a Teams site the next level will show folders relating to the channel names 
6. Navigate to the correct folder where the file is to be put 
7. Click on Move here 

Move Here button in One Drive

Moving Files using the online versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint 

To move the file from Word, Excel or PowerPoint you must navigate to the relevant App after logging into your Microsoft 365 Account.  This method will only let you move 1 file at a time but is useful if you already have that file open. 

  1. Open the File to be moved 
  2. On the bar at the top click on the drop down after the file name and Saved 
New File Location displayed in Teams

3. The current location of the file will be displayed 
4. Click on the arrow to Move this file to a new folder 
5. Continue steps 3 to 7 from the previous example (Moving files using Microsoft 365 One Drive) 

Moving files using File explorer 

This can only be used if you have synced both your One Drive and your Microsoft Teams Channel with your computer.  If you have not done this then you will not see One Drive or the Teams channels to work with. 

  1. In the pane on the left open the folder structure in the Team or SharePoint site until the folder the file or folder is going to be moved to is visible 
  2. Using the pane on the left navigate to the folder containing the file or folder to be moved and click on it 
  3. The file or folder will now be visible in the pane on the right 
  4. Scroll the pane on the left until the location that it is moving to is available 
  5. The file or folder can now be dragged and dropped 

Alternatively, the file or folder to be moved can be cut and pasted into the new location. 

NOTE:  This can also be used to move files or folders from Teams or SharePoint to One Drive but this is far less common. 

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