How to link tasks in Project for the Web

Mar 21, 2024 | Project Hints and Tips

There are a few things that can affect when tasks take place in Project for the web but the most vital to understand is links.  These are also referred to as dependencies.

Links allow for a dependency of one task on another to be created ensuring that if one task changes then all those related to it also move.  This makes updating of the plan super quick and more likely to be accurate than manually altering each task individually.

Project for the web is accessed from the Project App from the Microsoft 365 interface or directly through

NOTE: Project for the Web is due to combine with planner soon and will be an extra paid for option to provide planner with the added functionality which is currently available in Project for the Web.

Add a Link/Dependency

Grid View

There are 2 options:

  1. Option 1: Click on the ‘i’ that appears next to the task name to open up the details pane.
Open details pane image

a. Click on the Add Dependency button.

Add Dependency image

b. A list of tasks that are listed before this in the grid are provided.

c. Click on the task to occur before this one to create a standard Finish to Start Link or click on the arrow beside it for other link options such as Start to Finish, Finish to finish or start to start.  In addition leads and lags can be added.  A preview of the link is shown at the top of this box.  A finish to start link with a lead gives tasks overlap or with a lag allows for a gap between 1 task and the next.

2. Option 2: Click on the Add Column option after the final column in the table.

a. Select Depend On.

b. Click in the task where the dependency is to be added in this new column.

c. Choose the task to occur before this, link type and lags as mentioned before.

Board View

  1. Click on one of the tasks
  2. The details for the task will appear.
  3. Click on Add Dependency and proceed as before.

Timeline View

There are 2 options:

1. Option 1: Like before the ‘i’ next to the task can be clicked and the Dependency added from here.

2. Option 2: On the Gantt Chart.

a. When you hover over a bar a circle appears at the start and end of the bar.

Timeline dependency image

b. Drag from the finish of one bar to the start of another.  Only finish to start links can be created this way.

c. If another link type or a lead or lag is required then click on the ‘i’ to amend it.

People View

This is the same as the Board View.

Goal View

Any tasks added in here are linked back to the underlying task.  Again the ‘i’ can be clicked on to create a link.

Charts and Assignments Views

The links cannot be changed from here.

Delete a Link/Dependency

  1. Click on the ‘i’.
  2. The current link will be shown.  Click on the cross at the top right to remove it.
Remove link image


The choice you make will depend on where you are at the time of creating the link and personal preference.  While some prefer the visual nature of the links being created in the Gannt chart of the timeline view many others will prefer working with the details pane instead.

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